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Stephen Wynn has formed a partnership between Wynn Resorts and the biggest online poker site in the world - PokerStars. The new partnership company will be called PokerStarsWynn. Wynn Resorts and Poker Stars are planing to work on passing legislation that would regulate online poker in the United States. Most countries in Europe have been regulating online poker for years now and it has been extremely successful. By joining forces, will dominate the online poker industry in the United States.

Before the two companies can work on creating a regulated online poker room known as PokerStarsWynn, for US residents they need to work with the government on clearly defining legal online gambling. Many people close to the issue believe that the new partnership will help push the US into regulating online poker finally, which would be great news for most poker players in the USA.

PokerStarsWynn would be one of the top online poker sites to come out of regulation. Both companies are at the top of their respective fields, and joining forces to create WynnPokerStars is a win win situation. There is no doubt that will continue to offer great customer support as well as incredible first sign up bonus deals.

Stephen Wynn is extremely motivated on pushing to regulate online poker and he has already mentioned that it's about time the US starts regulating online poker, as it'll open up lots of jobs and earns lots of tax money. This is the main motivation to forming the Poker Stars Wynn partnership. All of the money spent on online poker right now by US players is leaving the country and that would change once it becomes regulated. With the US economy suffering they should be doing everything they can to create more tax dollars and more importantly jobs.