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Attention to Detail in Poker

Like it or not, mistakes happen in poker. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, no one is exempt from making mistakes. While the mistakes vary in nature between novice poker players and poker players advanced in skill level, the experienced and knowledgeable poker player is still prone to error. Here are a few of the mistakes common to advanced poker players.


Many experienced poker players go on autopilot. We play the game so much and so often that we can virtually sleep walk through the game. When we are on autopilot, we tend to miss opportunities. When we miss opportunities, we miss tells that players demonstrate, which of course we would have caught had we paid attention and read our player notes. Whether trolling the net for poker news, or chatting with a forum member about a bad beat, we are able to play poker, just not optimally. When sitting down to play cards, all players are best served giving the game their undivided attention.

Missing Opportunities

Players with experience may miss the opportunity to value bet, which is costly to the bottom line. Careful attention should always be paid to the opponents’ level of strength. Even if you are well versed in a particular game – always try to read your opponents – and use the cues to make wise bets. An important part of playing cards is not only thinking about your own hand, but also thinking about your opposition’s hand. Moreover, you should also be thinking about what your opponent thinks you have, as well as what he thinks you think he has. Thinking on multiple levels requires some focus.

Poor Game Selection

Often we sit down at a table, only to look across at the guy who has owned us all weak. Sure, we vowed to find a different table if he showed up, but the ego kicks in and tells us to stay. Additionally, after a great run, we begin to think we are Superman, and no game is too tough. We can survive it all. The correct course of action, of course, is to cash out and go elsewhere if the game is too tough, or a player who owns us sits down at the table. Additionally, identifying when a game is not ideal to our playing style when it comes to profiting is key to bankroll management of the advanced player. If the money is not easy, we should move to easier territory.

While advanced players know more about the poker game than novices do, the skilled player is prone to mistakes. Each mistake detailed had one dominant theme – attention to detail.



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