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Online Poker Bonus

If you are looking for the latest online poker bonus codes, you've come to the right place. PlaySolidPoker has the most up-to-date bonus offers from all of the top online poker rooms.

Types of Online Poker Bonuses

There are a few different types of online poker bonuses that you’ll be able to earn from the poker rooms you decide to play with. Some of the rooms only offer one type of poker bonus while other rooms will offer two to three online poker bonuses. If you’re concerned about the types of bonuses available with the poker room you want to play with then you can often find them listed on their website. We also list the bonus amount on all of our reviews so you’ll be able to tell which bonuses are available if you read through them.

Sign-Up Poker Bonus

The sign-up poker bonus is the bonus that every player earns when they join an online poker room and make a deposit into the poker room. Most poker rooms will offer a bonus on the first deposit only although there are a few poker rooms that have bonuses on multiple deposits. Make sure you shop around for a nice sized sign-up bonus as a new player because it will help you build your bankroll for free. Most poker rooms will release the bonus to you in increments based on the amount of poker you play. Some poker rooms have other guidelines you need to follow as well to clear the bonus such as time restrictions.

No Deposit Poker Bonus

A no deposit poker bonus is when you receive a free amount of money that you can use to play poker with in the poker room without ever needing to make a deposit. The amount of money that you will receive in no deposit bonuses is typically small, but they are meant for new poker player that have never played online before. If you haven’t had the chance to experience playing online poker and you want to test out a few small tournaments before committing your own money then this is the perfect way to do so. Not many poker rooms offer a no deposit bonus, but there are still a few where you can find this type of bonus. Often new poker rooms will offer no deposit poker bonuses for the first couple months as well to gain new players so they always pop up from time to time if you keep your eyes open.

Reload Poker Bonus

Reload poker bonuses are offered by most poker rooms on a periodic basis generally. Poker rooms will often offer reload bonuses when they’re running a big promotion, it’s your birthday, it’s a holiday or numerous other reasons. You can expect to receive anywhere from 2-10 reload bonuses a year from most poker rooms ranging from $100-$1000. Reload bonuses will generally follow the same type of guidelines as the sign-up bonuses do. This means that you will need to earn the bonus through playing poker in the poker room.
Bonuses can help increase your bankroll on a good month and on a bad month they can help you break even in some cases. When you’re earning a bonus it doesn’t disrupt your play in anyway at all. Since most bonuses are released in increments as you earn them in poker rooms they don’t affect your withdrawals either.

Clearing the Poker Bonus

Every poker player needs a bankroll. Not all of us are blessed with a mountain of cash ready to be earmarked for jump starting our poker career. Each online room offers an attractive sign-up poker bonus to lure new players to their site. In order to clear the deposit bonus, you have to work through the conditions of the bonus. Search around to learn more about the play-through requirements each poker room has to offer. Select a poker site that has easy clearing requirements and the games you are comfortable playing. Then put your money to work, earning a bonus while playing solid poker. The online poker rooms listed in the table above are ranked in order from easy to clear poker bonuses all the way down to hard to clear bonuses.

The easiest place to clear a deposit bonus is in the cash tables. Choose a cash game that is consistent with your ability as well as within the means of your newly funded bankroll. As you build up your bankroll, move up in limits accordingly.

By taking advantage of sign-up bonuses and playing within the means of your poker bankroll, you can smartly grow the money earmarked for poker into a sustainable poker bankroll. With the exception of a few online poker rooms, these bonuses can be very generous. Some Online Poker rooms even offer no deposit poker which enables you to get some real money into your player’s account, without actually depositing.



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