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Online Poker Multi-Table Strategy

Nowadays, many serious online poker players play at multiple tables, especially those who want to earn some cash by playing poker. If you do it, it’s best that you find your point of balance, so that playing at a lot of tables at the same time would not affect your overall game quality.

You should start playing just at one table at a time and when you are ready, you should decide adding a second. Deciding when you are ready should not be very difficult. You should consider this only after you play long enough at one table and you got comfortable enough with the game. If it still takes some time to think about what to do for your combination of starting cards and position, you probably aren’t ready yet, however, if it gets boring to wait and you occasionally browse the net in another window, you probably are ready to do it.

However, things are simpler than they seem: all you have to do is open another table window and see how things go. It’s probably best that you resize the windows so that they both fit in the screen at the same time, so that you will be able to monitor them at once. Now focus on both of them and watch the action as it unwinds on both tables.

If you play at two tables, you’ll have twice as many adversaries, so it might be a bit more difficult to remember how each adversary is playing. That’s why, if you play multi-table poker, it’s important to get used in writing notes on each player. These notes can help you later during the game, as they will let you know how the gameplay style of the opponents.

It’s important that you know what your limit is: some people may play up to 24 tables, but sometimes, it might be more profitable for you to play fewer tables, but to play better poker at them. Most poker players play best at around two or three tables. Your goal shouldn’t be playing at more tables, but simply winning the most and you should play multi-table only this increases your winnings.

Playing too many tables might actually make the game less enjoyable, as the passion and fun will be replaced by rote mechanics, since you have to click every two seconds to keep everything in check. Also, remember that your gameplay will probably no longer improve when you play multiple tables, because you no longer have the time to analyze each hand, so you will just apply what you already know.



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