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  • 10 Millionth Hand Celebration at Ultimate Poker

    Thursday, July 25th, 2013 by Ryan

Ultimate Poker is continuing to gain popularity in the state of Nevada specifically right now, and it’s for good reason. Currently, they are the only regulated online poker site in the state, and this has obviously drawn a ton of interest from the many poker players who are out in Las Vegas and other parts of the state. While the launch of Ultimate Poker has been great news, it looks like there is at least one other online poker site getting close to opening in the state of Nevada, but that is a whole different story. While there are many advantages to being the only poker room in the state, one of them is that they are seeing a very good number of hands dealt, which is a number that continues to rapidly increase since there is no other competition. In just three months time, the site is getting closer and closer to their 10 millionth hand.

Just like many online poker sites do, they are going to be celebrating their 10 millionth hand in a special way, and they are going to be rewarding their players with different cash prizes. The most recognizable and memorable site to do things like this is PokerStars, who has done this with their billionth hand promotion. Ultimate Poker has set up 21 different milestone hands for players to try to take advantage of, and this will begin with the 9 millionth hand. From there, every hundred thousandth hand is going to have a prize through the 9.9 millionth hand. From there, every ten thousand hand through 9.99 million will give out prizes. After that, you’ll see hand 9,999,999, and 10 million both giving out prizes to players as well.

Now, as far as how you can earn a piece of the prize, you are going to have to be dealt into the hand obviously. You cannot be just sitting at the table, meaning that if you are sitting out and not dealt a hand then you will not win anything. The winner of the hand that is dealt out is going to get $500, and each other player at the table will get $50 each. If the hand gets dealt at a cash game table that has stakes of $1/$2 or higher, or at a tournament or Sit and Go with a buy-in of at least $20, then the payouts are going to get doubled. This is for the early hand prizes, and they are going to increase for the big one.

The big hand is obviously the 10 millionth hand that is dealt out at Ultimate Poker, and when this happens the winner of the hand is going to get paid $5,000, while each other player at the table is going to receive $500. The same deal with doubling of the prizes will stand when playing the higher stakes in ring games, and in the tournaments and Sit and Go’s that have buy-in’s of $20 or more.

It’s been a nice start for the online poker site that just recently opened back in April, but it wasn’t great right from the get go. Many players were unable to play because of geolocation issues, as Ultimate Poker actually uses players mobile phones to find out their exactly location within the states borders. Some providers were not allowing the site to do this right out of the gate though, but after a few weeks things were good to go and the players had no issues getting into the action.

This wasn’t the only issue that kicked off at Ultimate Poker, as the identity verification from the site was being done by the company iovation. The issue was, the CEO of iovation is Greg Pierson, who was one of the main conspirators behind the cheating scandal that happened at Ultimate Bet Poker. When this began causing an issue, Ultimate Poker decided to cut ties with iovation. The site is still continuing to grow to this point, and they are also rolling out new software and their new loyalty program, which we just recently talked about. We’ll keep you updated on any additional news that comes out about Ultimate Poker.




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