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  • PokerStars Weekend Guarantees See Good Turnouts

    Monday, June 15th, 2009 by t2admin

Online poker players signed up on droves for the weekend guaranteed tournaments at www.PokerStars.com this past weekend. The online poker giant saw such good turnouts that their Sunday 500 and Sunday Warm-Up saw an increase of $164,000 in total prize money to both tournaments.

The Sunday 500 had 1,102 players competing so their prize pool was increased by $51,000. The players had to post $500 plus 30 to compete in the tournament and one hundred and sixty two spots were paid. It was online player’s djk123 and Legacy10 who would compete in heads up play. Legacy10 would be the one to prevail and take the first place prize after knocking out djk123 in second place.

The Sunday Warm-Up tournament saw the biggest increase in the prize pool as four thousand three hundred and twenty players competed. The large field increased the prize pool by $114,000 which gave six hundred and thirty players a payday. The guarantee is already $750K so the increase brought the prize pool up to $864,000.

Bfizz11 and FonNkEy_DiSh made it to heads up play with both securing a $100,000+ payday. But both wanted the higher payout so they fought hard to win the first place prize. Bfizz11 would go down in chips and FoNkEy_DiSh would take the first place win on the final hand.

Final Results PokerStars Sunday 500:
Legacy10 – $93,670
djk123 – $68,875
cobra216 – $52,290
AreTheseUtz – $37,468
0120 – $27,275
Beldar C. – $21,765
ale3560 – $16,254
Tr3CooL – $10,745
Ribi1 – $5,951
Final Results Sunday Warm-Up:
FoNkEy_DiSh – $135,544
bfizz11 – $100,656
Heskey27 – $71,280
HolgerSpeck – $48,816
EdwasEdzend – $36,720
caecilius – $28,080
0m3rta – $19,440
Street G – $10,800
philipoo – $6,912




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