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  • 2-11 Poker Introduced at the Palms Casino

    Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 by Ryan

Poker is the type of game that is rapidly changing it seems. While there are always going to be those popular playing styles out there, you’ll find that while the game was created originally back in 1829 in the United States, the changes have been massive throughout the many years. Obviously games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Draw, and other types of poker games are still played all around the world though. It seems that there could potentially be a new type of poker that may be played here in the near future, and it is being tried out in the popular Las Vegas, Nevada.

The new game is being played at the Palms Casino Resort, which is one of the many different casinos in Vegas. The new variation of the game could completely create a whole new style of poker all together. The game is called 2-11 poker, and was officially created by a man from California named Bruce Paul. The game is very fast paced with a whole lot of action, and gives multiple players the opportunity to play in each hand. The new game that was created by Paul has a patent that is currently pending, and it was created back in 2005.

The idea behind the game is that players are going to get four cards dealt to them. After that a round of betting is going to happen, and when the flop comes down, it will only feature two cards here. Another round of betting is then going to occur after this, and then the turn comes down with one card and another round of betting, followed by the river, which is one card, and a final round of betting. The winner is then determined at this point. Now, when you use your four hole cards, players have the option to either use two or three of the cards to make the best five card hand that they possibly can.

This new game of poker is going to feature players having to read their opponents much more than in standard poker, as they have to get a feel for how the board could be affecting their opponents hand. With so many options on hands, it’s very tough to put a player on a specific hand in this game, so it is more about placing them on a range.

There are quite a few different ways to play the game including fixed limit, pot limit, no limit, and also things like high, hi/lo, and a “pineapple” version as well. In this style of play, players are going to get five cards pre-flop and then have to eliminate one of those cards once the flop comes down. While the Palms is the first to deal this game currently, it seems that the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles is also dealing the new style of poker as well.

This is an interesting modification to the popular styles of poker, and only time will tell as to how quickly it picks up steam in terms of popularity in the poker community.




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