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  • 2012 WSOP National Championship Winner Crowned

    Thursday, July 12th, 2012 by Ryan

The 2012 World Series of Poker’s Championship event features some of the biggest and best names in all of poker. It features 99 World Series of Poker Circuit players who were the best of the best in order to qualify for the event, and also had 57 additional WSOP Player of the Year contenders who bought into the event for $10,000. When all was said and done though it was a player in Ryan Eriquezzo, who was the WSOPC Caesars Atlantic City champ who got the job done at the end of the day. It was a grind, but the tournament finally came to a close at the Rio in Las Vegas, and his win was not an easy one as he started the final table nearly 800,000 chips behind the first place player in Yung Hwang.

When the final table began it featured Eriquezzo, Hwang, Matt Keikoan, Sam Stein, Nikolas Stone, Huy Nguyen, Amanda Musumeci, and David “ODB” Baker. Out of that list, you’ll find a good mix of Player of the Year contenders as well as WSOP Circuit champions as well in the mix. The players had quite a bit to play for in this event, as they were not only playing for that gold bracelet, but also for a massive pay day as well. The first player sent to the rail was Musumeci, who lost a tough one with a flush draw and top pair to two pair of Hwang. She got it all in with pocket nines against the Kings of Stone.

The two most well-known players at the table in Sam Stein and David “ODB” Baker were the next two sent home in 7th and 6th places respectively. But from there, our original chip leader took a bad turn backwards and was actually send home in fifth place by Stone. There were four players remaining in Nguyen (holding the chip lead), Keikoan in second, and Stone and Eriquezzo bringing up the rear. Just after the dinner break, Eriquezzo made some big moves to get back into the fight, and while Stone chipped up through Keikoan, he also sent him home in fourth place to grab the chip lead. Eriquezzo then sent home Nguyen in third, and now we were heads up between Stone and Eriquezzo.

The two got into it quickly, but there was one hand that put Eriquezzo as a big favorite. Stone limped and Eriquezzo raised the pot to 95k, which led to a four bet from Stone to 540k. Eriquezzo then shoved all in and was called by Stone. Eriquezzo was holding pocket Queens and was way ahead of the A-7 of Stone. When the board didn’t show any Ace, Stone was down 3 to 1 in chips. While Stone did get closer, he couldn’t manage to get back into it completely. Stone moved all in on the last hand and Eriquezzo was dominating Stone with K-J vs. Q-J. The flop came with a Q, but had a 10 as well to give a straight draw to Eriquezzo. Eriquezzo hit a nine on the river and this gave him the championship and the first place pay day of $416,051. For his second place finish, Stone took home $257,119.




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