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  • 2013 EPT €10,000 High Roller Event Down to Final 10

    Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 by Ryan

If you’ve been keeping track of the European Poker Tour’s Main Event of Season 10, you know that on Tuesday we saw the action go from 22 players down to our final table of eight players in a ridiculously short amount of time. That was the bulk of the talk over in Prague, but many people were interested in seeing what happened with the €10,000 High Roller event as well. The event featured some big names in it, and there were 84 players who started yesterday and were all fighting to play down to get to the final table. This event is going to feature another huge prize pool, and big pay day for whoever is able to take it down, so this will be one to watch.

We went through 10 levels of play yesterday in the €10,000 High Roller event, and when all was said and done we had just 10 players left playing. This final table features a ton of big names, and players who you probably know. Regardless of how big their chip stacks are, pretty much every player left in the action is going to make for a tough out. To start out the final ten players, we are going to see Dmitry Yurasov from Russia at the top of the leaderboard with 1.404 million chips, but he has some big names looking up at him.

We have Olivier Busquet in second with 1.239 million chips, the current EPT10 Player of the Year points leader in Thomas Muhlocker left in the action in third with 1.15 million chips, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst in sixth with 850k in chips, and we also have a EPT champion in Mike “Timex McDonald” in 10th with 272k in chips. The other players left in the action include some obviously strong players in Andy Seth in fourth with 1.022 million chips, Max Heinzelmann with 939k in chips in fifth place, Jeffrey Rossiter in seventh with 819k, Oleksii Khoroshenin in eighth with 768k, and Ivan Soshnikov in ninth with 313k.

Before the start of Day 2 we saw the entries up at 176, thanks to 137 actual players buying in, and 39 re-entries into the event. This was a good amount more than last year, as there were just 108 actual players and five re-entries. It’s good to see a large increase like that, and this just means more money to be paid out. The total prize pool was set at more than €1.7 million, and it was broken up between the top 27 players in the event. In the end, we were going to see a total of €382,050 go to the eventual winner of the event. The action started up, and players started flying out.

We saw players such as Dan Shak, Isaac Haxton, Radif Sharifullin, Morten Klein, Paul Volpe, Roman Korenev, Robin Ylitalo, and Mickey Petersen all get eliminated. Before long we were on the money bubble with 28 players left in the action, and it was a Team PokerStars Pro who was actually eliminated on the bubble, as Eugene Katchalov got it all-in with pocket sevens, and was up against a big pocket pari in Muhlocker’s pocket Jacks. The board ran out and didn’t help Katchalov, so he was sent home in 28th place, which meant that every player left was going to be guaranteed at least €17,250.

We saw knockouts start to come in the money from there, with Shannon Shorr going out in 27th, Steve O’Dwyer in 26th, Martin Kahbrel in 25th, Martin Finger in 24th, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier in 23rd, and the chip leader from Day 1 of the event, Georgios Karakousis in 22nd place. Players continued to go all the way down until we had our final ten players set, and it makes up a very, very good final table as previously mentioned above.

The final table action starts out on Wednesday at 12pm local time, and it’s the same time that the final day of the Main Event there is going to get rolling as well. Both events are going to be interesting ones to watch, and they are both going to pay out some nice pay days to the players who made it to the final table.




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