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  • 2013 WSOP Pulls in $1.3 Million for One Drop

    Friday, August 16th, 2013 by Ryan

One of the most talked about tournaments that runs at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas now is the One Drop events. We’ve seen a few events, ranging from the Big One for One Drop, that had a $1 million buy-in, to the Little One for One Drop, that had a $1,111 buy-in. On top of that though, there was also a One Drop tournament that had a $111,111 buy-in. How these tournaments work is that a percentage of each prize pool goes towards the charity One Drop. This charity was created by the Cirque du Soleil founder, as well as poker player, Guy Laliberte. They are a non-profit organization, and the goal for this charity is to help make clean drinking water available in places throughout the world that it is either unavailable or very scarce. These tournaments consistently draw in a solid number of players, or for the $1 million entry, at least a very, very nice prize pool and nice number of donations as well.

This year’s World Series of Poker did not feature the Big One, as they are going to hold that every other year and make it a special event. It did have the $111,111 buy-in, and the $1,111 buy-in though, which created some nice donations on their own part. There is a lot going on after the World Series of Poker comes to a close, but one thing that is talked about is how much was raised for this charity, and in total we saw a beautiful $1.3 million get raised for the One Drop organization. This is a very impressive number across the board, especially since there was no Big One this year!

Last year was the first year that the creation of the tournament happened, and with the buy-in for last years even being that $1 million, we still saw a total of 48 players come out and play. The house did not take any fee though, and $111,111 of each players buy-in went to the charity One Drop. This meant that we saw over $5.3 million go to this great charity, and when all was said and done it ended up being $5.6 million total that was donated last year. The winner of the event in 2012 was Antonio Esfandiari, who took down the prize pool of $18,346,673, which is by far the largest pay day in poker history.

This years tournaments saw the 3 percent house fee gone as well, with the fee going towards the charity. A total of 166 players bought into the $111,111 buy-in event, where the charity got over $553,000. Esfandiari actually finished in fourth place in this tournament, but the winner of the $4.8 million first place prize ended up being Tony Gregg. The Little One for One Drop drew in an impressive 4,756 players, and that brought in another $528,000 for One Drop. In total, it was $1,081,194 that was donated to charity, and then another $246,012 got donated by players from their winnings at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

This type of tournament is one that really helps put both the charity and the World Series of Poker on the map, as the WSOP wasn’t already. The charity being added was a great move for both the WSOP and One Drop, and I’m incredibly glad to see the kick backs that are going to the charity. This is one that many people may not know about, but thanks to the World Series of Poker being willing to work with One Drop, there should be more and more donations coming in over time. Especially with next year’s Big One for One Drop on the schedule, it’s going to make things very, very interesting and exciting as well.

If you were looking at heading out to Las Vegas at any point to play in some World Series of Poker events, the $1,111 Little One for One Drop is a great starting event that draws in a big prize pool and obviously goes to a great cause. I’ve known plenty of players who have played in the event, and they’ve gotten to play with some of the biggest names in poker who are both looking to go after the big score, and also looking to help out by giving by to the charity One Drop.




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