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  • 30 Millionth Hand Promo at Borgata Poker

    Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 by Ryan

Online poker in the United States is picking up steam faster and faster it seems, and even though we are still a good ways away from things getting anywhere near as big as they used to be, we are definitely gaining traction. With a few states having regulated online poker already, there has been a good amount of play on a few of the sites, and one of those sites is BorgataPoker.com. How do we know this exactly? Well, with online gambling being live in New Jersey for a little more than three months currently, the largest network is about to celebrate some key milestone hands by giving players the chance to win some money by being a part of the key hands.

BorgataPoker.com has announced that they are going to be running their Countdown to 30,000,000 Hands promotion. The way that this promotion will work is that players are going to get cash prizes for being a part of the milestone hands, and there are going to be 15 different key milestone hands that players can win money for being in. It’s very nice that the online poker site that’s regulated in the United States is doing things that we’ve seen become very popular on sites like PokerStars, especially because it should ramp up the traffic even more. The promo will start out with the 25,000,000th hand of play, but the promotions are going to run differently than what we’ve seen at PokerStars in the past.

It’s very easy and straight forward to understand, as the winner of the 25,000,000th hand is going to take home $1,000. Any other player who was a part of the hand there will get $100. There’s no multipliers or anything else that needs to be figured out, so if you are a part of this milestone hand then you can be prepared to get some quick cash sent to you thanks to BorgataPoker.com. The new four million hand marks are going to be the next milestones up to 29,000,000. For those you’ll find that the same awards are going to be handed out, with $1,000 going to the winner of the hand, and $100 to everyone else. After that 29,000,000th hand milestone, the next hands are going to come in 100,000 increments moving forward.

Once we end up getting to the 30,000,000th hand, each player is going to get paid out quite nicely. The winner of the big milestone hand will take home $10,000, while the rest of the table is going to get $1,000. Definitely don’t sit out on this hand, and make sure that you give yourself a shot to win it! BorgataPoker is also doing a few other things different in the promotion, one of which is the fact that they are counting all real-money hands, not just the cash game tables. This means that the multi-table tournaments, Sit-N-Go’s, and fastforward games are all going to count towards the milestone. This is a great promotion for everyone, not just the cash game players, so no matter what you enjoy playing, you can still focus on playing your game! Fastforward hand numbers may lag behind the other games, so it may end up happening that the milestone hand comes out of sequence.

If we end up have multiple pots in any of the milestone hands, then the winner of the main pot is going to be the one who earns the top prize. If there’s a chop in the main pot, then the money is going to be split with the winner’s prize plus the other players’ prize among the hands that ended up winning. This means that if two players chop the pot, then the $1,000 and the $100 from other players’ prizes are added up and divided between the two players. We’ve seen one other milestone hand promotion happen in a United States poker room, which was held at UltimatePoker. This was the first poker site to go live in the United States, and it is based in Nevada. They celebrated their 10,000,000th hand with $5k going to the winner and $500 to everyone else.




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