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    Friday, December 10th, 2010 by t2admin

This month, Party Poker, will be hosting their Five Star Poker Challenge. It is a mega promotion that includes a whopping 31 freerolls. Each one is worht $5,000. In addition to these monies, individuals also have the chance to win other great cash prices.

Party Poker is one of the best online gambling rooms when it comes to promotions. They routinely make available fantastic offers which pay off big. If you are interested in participating in any of their promotions, you will need to become a member, which is easy enough to do. Simply visit their web page and follow the instructions given.

In order to qualify fo the Five Star Poker Challenge, players need to earn five Party Points in a day. If they are able to do that, they can participate. After a person has accumulated 5 points, they will be placed in the following day’s $5,000 Freeroll. Again, there will be a total of 31 freerolls and more then $150,000 up for grabs, in all.

Anyone who plays their way into the $5000 freerolls will also earn entry in the $50,000 freeroll which will take place on January 2nd. Individuals will have the opportunity to bring in the New Year, a little bit richer if they are the winner of this mega freeroll and the $50,000 prize that comes along with it.

Persons who win more then one $5,000 freeroll are eligible for additional prizes. Anyone that wins two $5,000 freerolls will get $5,000 in cash. Players that win three $5,000 freerolls will win $50,000. Any person who strings together five $5,000 freerolls will get a whopping $500,000 in cold hard cash, a tremendous amount of money by any measure.

It doesn’t matter in what order a person wins the freerolls. For instance, it is not required that an individual win freerollls consecutively, as long as they win. To give oneself the best chance of racking up daily, freeroll wins, it’s a good idea to start playing as soon as possible. This provides more opportunities to win. The more opportunities the better. Obviously winning multiple daily, freerolls is not easy, otherwise, Party Poker wouldn’t be giving out such big prizes to those who are able to.

Individuals who happen to win more then one freeroll will need to claim their prizes. They can do so by sending correspondence via email to info@partypaoker.com. Afterward, they will be asked to confirm their account name. Party Poker will respond within roughly, 48 hours. Bonuses should be paid out within that time frame (48 hours) as well.




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