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  • 888 and Facebook Connect on Deal to Offer Online Gambling Through Social Network

    Friday, December 14th, 2012 by Ryan

We’ve done a short write up before about the talks that were going on between the popular company 888 Holdings and the social network that we all know in Facebook. The two sides were talking about a deal that would allow real money gambling on the social network, and since the deal has now been inked and locked in this makes it the second company to offer this. The deal is going to be offered and operated by a subsidiary of 888 called Mytopia. It is going to feature quite a few popular online games that you know and love such as slot machines, casino games, and bingo as well. Currently though it will only be offered to the United Kingdom players though, and we’ll have to play the wait and see game about what other countries this will be offered in.

As far as the first thing that will be offered for real money play is going to be a game that many 888 players already know called Bingo Island. It will be almost the same as this, and the casino games and online slot machines are going to be offered through the site when 2013 kicks off (within the first few months). As far as those of you who are curious about the online poker option, there’s a good chance that it could come down the road, but it would not be until later in 2013 if it ends up happening.

The COO of 888 commented on the deal by stating that they saw the potential for social gaming, and that with how large Facebook and how popular the play for fun options were that they are ready to get the real money gaming going on Facebook. They want to ensure that they introduce the “best of both worlds of real money and social gaming.” Currently, the first game that is going to be kicking off in Bingo Island gets around 630,000 players per month, but as you can imagine not all of those players are based out of the United Kingdom.

Bingo Friendzy was the original real money gambling that was offered on Facebook, and this happened back in August. Bingo Friendzy was created by Gamesys, and Facebook simply hosts the game, but had nothing to do with the actual creation or development of it. A key reason as to why the decision has been made to start everything out in only the United Kingdom has a lot to do with the fact that Gambling is huge and also regulated there, and bingo is also incredibly popular in the country as well, so it should draw a good amount of interest from Facebook users.

As far as what we can expect for the new games that are offered from 888, they are going to more than likely be finding and using different technologies that can help protect players consistently. Users that currently play on Bingo Friendzy are asked to verify their age to make sure that they are above 18, and also that they are located in the United Kingdom. Facebook is using some new technology called age-gating that is supposed to make sure that Facebook users who are under 18 cannot see their friends’ activities through the game itself. This is to help from the game and gambling spreading to the players who are too young to do so.

This is big news not only for the online gambling world, but also for the popular social network of Facebook. It’s not too tough to figure out that online gambling is huge throughout the world and that it is still rapidly growing. On top of that though, social networking is as hot as it has ever been and I could guess that a massive number of online gamblers throughout the world use social networks, and specifically Facebook. Combing the two into one is a great option, as players are going to be able to compete and see how their friends are doing through the social network while playing their favorite online casino games, bingo, and slot machines. Down the road, it could even be poker, which would be a completely different beast that would hit the internet. We’ll keep you updated on any additional news that comes out about this deal in the future.




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