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  • $922,441 Payout for WPT Borgata Open Title Winner Bobby Oboodi

    Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 by Nadia

At the recently concluded World Poker Tour Borgata Open, which was held in Atlantic City, Bobby Oboodi walked away as the victor. The day started with six players at the official table. Each of them was playing for a chance to bag the $920,000 prize and the title of the best player at the WPT event. By the end of the day, there was just one undisputed winner, Bobby Oboodi, who earned the title in 138 hands.

Chip Leader Oboodi Sends Most of His Opponents to the Rail

When the game began at the six-handed table, Oboodi was the chip leader. This was a position he retained during the course of the day. He managed this by refraining from going all-in and pushing out his opponents. He displayed a controlled playing style in the $3,500 buy-in event. This has impressed many in the poker circuit. The first player to be eliminated from the event was Ricky Hale. He had to walk away from the table after 11 hands.

When Hale started the day, his stack was the shortest. The eliminating hand dealt to him was an Ac 10s. When Oboodi raised from under the gun to 340,000, Hale raised and went all-in with 2,080,000. Oboodi’s hand, an Ah Kh, allowed him to call this. The flop brought a 10d 9s 2d and the turn, Ks – this made Oboodi’s hand the better one. When the river brought a Jd, Hale’s hand lost to Oboodi’s. Hale walked away from the table and a chance at this year’s WPT title.

The next to be eliminated was Darren Elias. From the button, he opened with 500,000. Oboodi, the big blind, raised it to 1,000,000. Then, Elias went all-in with a 2,750,000 stack. This was called by Oboodi, whose pocket kings bested Elias’ pocket jacks. Without help from the flop, turn or river, Elias had to leave the game.

Fred Goldberg left the table after an hour and a half of Elias’ exit. Oboodi was responsible for Goldberg being sent to the rail. The former, from under the gun, raised 600,000, which was called by Goldberg, from the big blind position. Oboodi’s Ah 9h was no match for Goldberg’s 10d 9c. With the streets offering 9d 7s 6h 7c Jc, Goldberg left the game. Fifteen minutes later, Daniel Buzgon was busted out by Jin Hwang. Nevertheless, his game-play at the final table saw him walk away with $335,433. Jin Hwang left the game eighteen hands later, as the runner up. His stack was more than half that of Oboodi’s $922,441. Hwang’s elimination earned Oboodi the WPT title.

2011 Borgata Open – Low Buy-ins and Largest-Ever Field

This year’s edition of the Borgata Open saw an impressive field of over 1,310 players, which is the largest ever in the history of the WPT. Two of the key reasons attributed to the increase in field size are – the re-entry format and low buy-ins. The re-entry format allows players who could not make it through the first day of the event – Day 1A – to try a second time on Day 1B.




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