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  • Absolute Poker Begins Power Hour

    Monday, December 7th, 2009 by t2admin

Absolute Poker recently updated their online poker room to offer a new special time for players to enjoy the game. The online poker room has now added the Power Hour to their poker offerings. Players can now enjoy double Absolute Poker Points during the special time periods.

Absolute Poker is now offering players a chance to double their poker points. This is not a holiday special or for a limited time. Absolute Poker now has a set time period where players will always earn double the points while playing in games that feature the Power Hour icon.

Monday through Saturday players can log on from one to four pm ET and choose a game that has the Power Hour icon beside it to begin earning double points. Those who like to play later can enjoy earning double points from one to four am ET.

On Sundays, players will find double points hours from one to four AM ET and from one to five pm ET. So, players get an extra hour on Sundays to earn double Absolute Poker Points. This is an easy way to earn extra points as the only thing a player has to do is log on during the appropriate time and play a game that has the Power Hour icon. It cannot be simpler than that!

The points can be used to earn cash and prizes as well as access to online poker tournaments. The more a player plays at Absolute Poker during the Power Hours the more points will be earned in the process. It will take no time for a player to earn a good deal of points to use for whatever they choose.




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