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  • Absolute Poker Jackpot Hit by North Carolina Woman

    Monday, April 6th, 2009 by t2admin

Online player, DOOSA777 is one lucky woman. A resident of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina DOOSA777 recently hit the Bad Beat Jackpot at Absolute Poker winning just over $160,000. However this is not the first time she has hit a Bad Beat Jackpot. Back in February of this year she hit one for just over $100,000.
The most recent win came while DOOSA777 was playing at the Bad Beat tables at Absolute poker. DOOSA777 lost her hand of quad jacks to SHERLOCKGT3’s straight flush. This of course triggered the Bad Beat Jackpot and DOOSA777 won $161,837.59. SHERLOCKGT3 won $82,672.54 and the two other players at the table took home $4,507.50 just for playing at the same table. Fourteen other people were playing at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables so they won $3,507.50 just for being online at the right time.

The amazing thing about this story is just two months ago, DOOSA777 won $101,956.97 at the Bad Beat Jackpot table. She held quad jacks and lost to CAPPMAN who had quad queens. So in just two short months DOOSA777 has earned almost $300,000 by losing two poker hands.

DOOSA777 feels extremely lucky and plans to buy a new house for her mother who lives in Russia. Her mother’s home recently burned down so DOOSA777 finally is able to help her. It is pretty common for internet poker players to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot tables but very unlikely that one player will take down two large jackpots in just a two month span of time.




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