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    Thursday, December 8th, 2011 by Nadia

Day Two of play saw 218 players return to the WPT Prague tournament hosted at the Corinthian Hotel. In order for the final table game to take place, 70 percent of the players had to be eliminated. The remaining players then started playing for the cash prizes.

Kastle Drops in Rankings

At the beginning of Day Two, Casey Kastle was the leader, based on his chips count. However, once the game began, several players stepped up to challenge Kastle. Steve O’Dwyer took over as the leader after eliminating Nikola Sears. In addition to O’Dwyer, Martins Adeniya also battled for the first place after eliminating Michael Tureniec from the tournament.

The Elimination of O’Dwyer

O’Dwyer, though determined to keep his lead, was unable to maintain it for long. Despite seizing a large chunk of Tristan Clemencon’s stack, O’Dwyer still faltered. He went on to challenge Mike McDonald or Timex and Mike Watson or SirWatts. Watson raised initially, resulting in O’Dwyer’s game falling flat. While he was in a tough spot, McDonald proceeded to put pressure on him by re-raising.

Watson went on to wager a four bet, getting McDonald to raise his bet to 51,000. O’Dwyer then went all-in, betting more than 250,000 chips. McDonald decided to sit the rest of the hand out but Watson called the bet. O’Dwyer was dealt a big slick which did not hold up against the pocket King’s that Watson had. The board did not give out an Ace, bringing O’Dwyer down to 75, 000. Watson went on to eliminate O’Dwyer, becoming the chip lead in the process.

Gulyy Knocked Out on the Bubble

O’Dwyer was eliminated just before the bubble was popped. The players were doing their best to earn as many chips as they could before the action ended. Adeniya grabbed the chip lead soon after O’Dwyer was knocked out of the tournament. The bubble finally burst when Thomas Frandsen eliminated Yury Gulyy, leaving only the players who would battle it out for cash prizes.

Once the play resumed during the second half of Day Two, several players were in hot pursuit of Adeniya’s top spot. Some of the players who can subsequently hold the number one ranking are Bengt Sonnert (Sweden), Benjamin Pollack (France), Karen Sarkisyan (Russia) and Mike Watson (Canada). Watson has a good shot, after eliminating O’Dwyer, at winning his second WPT title.

Other Notable Eliminations

The stress incurred by the weeding out of 63 players in order to have a final table has resulted in many players being eliminated from the tournament in quick succession. Among these were Eugene Katchalov, Kent Lundmark, Dimitar Danchev, Casey Kastle and Tristan Clemencon. Katchalov entered the game with a short stack. His pocket kings were defeated by Sarkisyan’s hand, consisting of A-Q. He left the tournament in 60th place. Mike McDonald left as the 63rd.

The tournament still boasts of 27 players out of the original 571. Adeniya remains in the lead with Vojtech Ruzicka following closely. Frandsen, Trigo, Kretz and Sarkisyan are also part of the top 6.




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