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  • Alescio Emerges as Hometown Champion

    Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 by Nadia

The World Poker Tour, Venice stop, the last event of the year, concluded with a local poker player Edoardo Alescio emerging victorious, defeating Steve O’Dwyer and winning the main event title along with a cash prize of more than $250,000.

O’Dwyer’s Streak of Eliminations

The final table featured 6 players. The day of play began slowly. The first elimination was of Alex Dovzhenko (Ukraine) by Steve O’Dwyer (United States). This was the result of a hand that was a race of straights between the pocket nines held by Dovzhenko and O’Dwyer’s big slick. The flop revealed a King, accompanied by the turn card – another King. This allowed O’Dwyer to eliminate Dovzhenko, a stroke of luck for him as he had spent most of the event struggling with his short stack.

Unfortunately, his luck did not hold out and he soon lost a large chunk of his stack. He crippled Andrea Benelli in order to stay in the game, doubling his stack in the process. He proceeded to knock Benelli out of the tournament a few hands later. He did this by wagering on a pot with Michele Caroli and Benelli. Using his hand of triple Queens, he eliminated Andrea.

After he eliminated Benelli, O’Dwyer went on to knock out Andrea Dato. The former leader in chip count left the tournament in fourth place after Steve’s cards (A-4) trumped his (K-9). Once these two players left the table, only three players remained – Michele Caroli, Edoardo Alescio and Steve O’Dwyer.

The Final Heads Up Play

Alescio went all-in prior to the dealing of the flop. He repeatedly went all-in, with the hope that the other players would make the call on one of his attempts. In the end, Caroli was the one who called his bet, much to his regret when he discovered that he had A-J versus Alescio’s A-Q. The board failed to give out a Jack and Caroli was eliminated in third place.

The heads up play began with O’Dwyer taking the lead. He maintained his lead by playing and winning some small pots. However, Alescio was not far behind, going in with a two pair. This forced Steve to fold even though he held a straight draw. Alescio also formed a straight immediately after this. O’Dwyer narrowly avoided having to pay out from his stack due to his bet on the river, with a pair.

The two finally faced off over a crucial pot. Alescio managed to add to his stack thanks to the turn card with a third pair. He was able to form a flush draw. O’Dwyer made the call with a top pair. The card that came on the river completed the flush, giving Alescio the lead. He continued to add to his stack with two trips that were able to win him a few small pots. He then took some of O’Dwyer’s stack by going all-in once again with pocket threes. After this, he went on to capture another pot on the river.

The last hand of the tournament saw Alescio holding pocket fives versus O’Dwyer’s A-7. The flop dealt an ace and a five, putting Alescio in the lead. The card dealt on the turn was blank, making Alescio the undisputed winner of the title.




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