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  • Andrey Pateychuk Wins WPT Prague

    Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 by Ryan

It took a bit for the World Poker Tour’s Prague event to reach a winner, but when all was said and done one player stood out above the field. Andrey Pateychuk is well-known on the live poker tournament circuit, but his tournament almost ended late on Day 3. He was all in with Ace-King against the pocket 9’s of his opponent. Fortunately for him though, he was able to hit runner-runner to hit a straight and keep his tournament life alive. This set him up nicely to make a run, as he made his way into the final table with just over 2 million chips, and sitting in third place overall. He did have quite a bit of work to do though in order to catch up to the two players above him, as Stanislaw Kretz was in first place with over 6 million chips, and Benjamin Pollak had over 4.5 million chips in second place.

After Kretz (6.3 million), Pollak (4.8 million), and Pateychuk (2.3 million), the other three players at the final table were Sigurd Eskelund (1.5 million), Adria Balaguer (1.3 million), and Russell Carson (725k). The short stack Carson was the first to go though, as he moved all in with pocket fives and was called by the Queen-9 of Kretz. Kretz hit a nine and the board ran out to send Carson home in 6th. Play then went on for a while before another elimination came, and it was a big pot between Pateychuk and Eskelund. The two went back and forth raising before Eskelund moved all in for his remaining chips, and was called by the pocket Jacks of Pateychuk. Eskelund turned over King-Queen, and hit a Queen on the flop, leaving Pateychuk with only two outs. The miracle Jack came on the river though, and it sent Eskelund home in 5th place.

There was not another elimination for another three hours, when Pollak was sent home in 4th place. After that came one of the biggest pots for Pateychuk, and it was up against Kretz. Pateychuk raised to 200k, and was three bet by Kretz to 560k. This led to a four bet to 980k by Pateychuk, and Kretz ended up just calling. The flop came down with K-9-2, which led to two checks. The turn was an Ace and left a flush on the board, and led to Kretz betting 1 million chips, and Pateychuk flat calling. Both players then checked the river which put out a three, and Pateychuk turned over a flopped set with his pocket Kings, leading to a muck from his opponent and giving Andrey over 6 million chips.

Dinner break came and went, and soon after Kretz was sent home in third place as his pocket nines were rivered by the Ace-6 of Pateychuk. Pateychuk was now heads up against Balaguer, and held a lead of 8.004 million to the 7.8 million of Balaguer. The action started quickly, and the two were all in less than 30 minutes into the match. Pateychuk turned over A-5, and had to catch up once again against the pocket 8’s of Balaguer. Balaguer held though, and gave himself a massive chip lead of 15.63 million to 1.5 million; essentially giving himself the tournament.

Queue the incredible comeback now. Pateychuk doubled up to 3 million on the next hand with K-J against the J-9 of Balaguer, and then did some on the very next hand after that with Ace-King against Ace-Queen to leave himself with 6.3 million. The two then battled back and forth, and Pateychuk eventually found himself in the lead when his A-6 outflopped the A-J of Balaguer. It all came to an end with Balaguer moved all in with pocket Queens, and Pateychuk called him with Ace-5, and hit runner-runner to give him a straight and the win.

Pateychuk took home the grand prize of $630,263, and Balaguer got a nice second place prize of $320,381 for his efforts as well.




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