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  • Andy Frankenberger Wins Event #17 of WSOP

    Friday, June 15th, 2012 by Ryan

While Phil Hellmuth was taking down his 12th gold bracelet of his career, just a bit futher away we had one of the most popular players in the game of poker putting up a serious fight to take down a gold bracelet as well. This was none other than Phil Ivey, who was down to a heads up match in Event #17, the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em event against another well-known in Andy Frankenberger. While Ivey was the favorite going into the match, it was Frankenberger who got the job done in the end and not only took down the gold bracelet, but got a nice first place payday as well.

Frankenberger may not be as popular or as known as Ivey is, but he’s made quite a name for himself in a short period of playing poker professionally. He was an equity derivatives trader on Wall Street, but decided to leave that job to take the poker job more full time. It was around two years ago that he decided to play full time, and now he’s considered to be one of the strongest tournament poker players in the world now.

Frankenberger has now won two gold bracelets, and his first was in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event last year. He also was huge on the World Poker Tour last year as he won the Player of the Year title when he had some very impressive finishes. In total, he’s brought in more than $2.5 million on the live tournament circuit throughout his career. His task to win this final table was not easy though, as he was against Ivey, Ali Eslami, Shaun Deeb, Hoyt Corkins, and Matt Marafioti. When he sent home Eslami in 3rd, the heads up play started with the two almost deadlocked in chips. Ivey completely took control from this point and it was essentially all Phil for a good while. He worked his way back up though starting with one big hand in which Ivey raised it up and Frankenberger called to see a flop of 4-A-K. He check called another bet of the same size. The turn was then a Queen and both players checked. The river was a 2 and Frankenberger bet out 450k into the pot and Ivey called. Frankenberger turned over J-10 for a turned straight and took down the pot.

The last hand of the tournament featured Frankenberger raising the action to 300k, which led to a call by Ivey. The flop came down with A-5-4 and Frankenberger bet out at it. Ivey moved all in and was snap called by Frankenberger. Ivey turned over 7-6 for a straight draw, and Frankenberger was holding A-J for top pair. The turn and river were both 5’s to give the win to Frankenberger the win, the gold bracelet, and the first place payout of $445,899. Ivey took down a second place payday of $275,559 for his efforts.

Ivey and Frankenberger are both likely to be seen at quite a few of the events that are coming up, so keep an eye out for these two excellent players.




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