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  • Annie Duke & Phil Hellmuth Announce that they’ll both be Leaving UB

    Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 by t2admin

This past week an official announcement was made stating that both Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth would be leaving UB in the New Year. There was an interview with Wicked Chop Poker where Joe Sebok announced that both the poker players would be leaving UB on their own accord so that they could work on new projects. Annie Duke made her announcement official before the interview was released, but Hellmuth waited until just after the interview was released.

It was apparent to most people that follow poker that Phil Hellmuth would be leaving UB in the New Year. He has made appearances on several poker television shows and events where he didn’t have his UB apparel on. This led most people to believe that Hellmuth would be making a change in the New Year. Hellmuth hasn’t made any announcement about why he has left the poker room, but I’m sure he has some plans up his sleeve on what he wants to do next.

Annie Duke has stated that she left UB because of personal reasons and to pursue other business opportunities. Annie is always very busy so I doubt she’ll join another poker room in the near future, but you never know. With both of these players leaving UB that leaves at least one opening on the UB Pro roster. Joe Sebok mentioned in his interview that UB would be signing a new player to their pro roster this week and that the player will be a huge surprise.

News around the poker forums have made it seem that the new player is going to be Prahlad Friedman since Dukes bio page on UB was switched to a bio on Friedman. UB should announce the news this week sometime so it won’t be long before we find out exactly who UB signed. One thing that’s for sure is the fact that the player UB signs won’t bring in nearly as much brand recognition as Hellmuth and Duke.

Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke were the perfect pair for branding any poker room and it should be interesting to see if UB starts to slowly lose any of their player base. There is no doubt in my opinion that traffic is going to be stagnant at UB unless they can come up with some major signings in the next few months. Once we here more news about what Hellmuth and Duke will be doing we will make sure to let all of you know immediately.




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