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  • Anonymous Software to Change the Online Poker Scene

    Saturday, December 10th, 2011 by Nadia

Bodog Poker Network has launched new software on its site that hides the screen names of players who are playing at real money tables, both during cash games and tournaments. The aim of this software is to grant players total anonymity. This is necessary because some experienced players tend to target less experienced players in order to win more. To accomplish this, they often use poker-tracking software.

New Software can Protect Player Data

According to a press release from Bodog Poker, the new anonymous software will prevent professional poker players from gathering data on other players via data mining websites such as SharkScope and PokerTableRatings. The software will substitute each of the player’s screen names with seat numbers as well as delete the images that the players have on their profiles. This makes it impossible to study the tendencies of the other players.

Anonymity in the Online Poker Community

Various other online poker rooms have allowed players to maintain anonymity. For example, players who use PartyPoker are allowed to change their screen names regularly and are given the option of playing heads-up games at anonymous tables. Microgaming has also followed suit and is planning on increasing the number of anonymous poker tables on offer. Cake Poker, too, has allowed users to change their screen names and has gone as far as to ban the use of all data mining sites.

Issues with Bodog’s New Software

Several of Bodog Poker’s customers have expressed their reservations about the new software. The players were concerned about issues such as players colluding in order to win games. They are also worried that opponents may use bots, as anonymity will make it harder for players to identify this.

Bodog responded to these concerns with a statement saying that though the tables are anonymous, the players on the site are not. Bodog will continue to monitor the games to prevent any collusion and the use of bots. The company claims to have strengthened their security in order to prevent this.

According to Calvin Ayre, the founder of the Bodog, the company is overseeing the instatement of a new system that will be great at ensuring that no bots or collusion will be allowed. He said that these measures are necessary for any poker room. This is because casual players are not experienced at spotting the signs of problems. This makes the installation of a new system an important part of regulating online gaming sites.

Microgaming Announces New Anonymous Measures

Microgaming has also announced its intention of expanding the number of anonymous online poker tables that the site features. The software provider will allow players the opportunity to gamble at 6-max limit and full ring no-limit tables anonymously on occasion. All heads-up play tables will be anonymous. A few anonymous seats will also be offered at beginners tables.

Microgaming’s anonymous software defers from Bodog’s in its identification methods. Instead of blanking out the player’s personal details, the site will assign each player an alternate and anonymous screen name. The increase in anonymous poker tables is Microgaming’s first real move to bring together the network’s major brands to further the interests of players.




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