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  • Anthony “Biker Bandit” Carleo Arrested for Robbing Bellagio in December

    Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 by t2admin

One of the biggest stories in the poker world over the past couple months has been the robbery of the Bellagio, which took place all the way back in December. Anthony Carleo was recently arrested this week in Las Vegas for the robbery of the Bellagio and he could have most likely gotten away with the robbery if he wasn’t so incompetent. Anthony has been known around the poker world as the “Biker Bandit” the past couple months, but now everyone can put a name to the burglar.

If for some reason you haven’t heard about the robbery of the Bellagio in December, I’m going to spend a brief moment telling you what happened. Mr. Carleo rode his motorcycle up to the Bellagio in December and ran into the casino with his helmet still covering his face. Once in the casino, Anthony decided to quickly rob as many chips as he could from the craps table and he ended up making off with about $1.5M in high denomination chips.

The Biker Bandit was able to escape the casino premises with his ill-gotten fortunes, but he made a few terrible decisions after the robbery, which ended up being his demise. After the heat had died down quite a bit, Anthony decided that he would try laundering the stolen chips at the Bellagio poker tables. Mr. Carleo used his stolen chips at the poker tables and was even able to earn high roller status, which meant he received a free week’s stay at the Bellagio.

It seemed as if he would get away with the robbery, but he wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money he was earning at the poker tables. Anthony decided that he would try selling some of the $25K chips to members of the most popular poker forum (2+2), but he didn’t expect the members to rat him out. Matthew Brooks, a member of 2+2, was the person that ended up assisting the LVPD nab Anthony Carleo.

Matthew Brooks shared personal messages and telephone calls with Anthony Carleo and it wasn’t long before Mr. Carleo had sent over a lot of incriminating evidence. Brooks decided that he wasn’t going to let the Biker Bandit get away with the robbery and contacted one of the investigators in the robbery case. It wasn’t long before the LVPD announced that they had just arrested Anthony Carleo for the robbery of the Bellagio.

One of the strange parts about this story is that Anthony Carleo comes from a good home and just took the wrong road somewhere and is now at the mercy of his addictions. Anthony’s father is a judge in Las Vegas and he commented that he’s really worried about his son and hopes he can seek the help he needs.




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