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  • Anthony Gregg Takes Down One Drop High Roller Event

    Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

Out of all of the different 2013 World Series of Poker events that have been talked about here, and even at the Rio in Las Vegas, not very many got the type of buzz that the One Drop High Rollers event did. This tournament was a smaller version of the $1 million entry fee event that was run last year, in which Antonio Esfandiari ended up winning a huge $18 million prize pool and the gold bracelet. The idea behind the One Drop tournament, that had a $111,111 buy-in, is that a percentage of each buy-in went to the charity One Drop, which ended up being a total of $553,332 that was donated to helping bring clean water to areas that do not have it. The charity was created by Cirque du Soleil creator, and also a poker player, Guy Laliberte.

The players were grinding through three days of a tough tournament, and when the action started back on Saturday, it was four players who were left to fight it out. The leader in chips to start the final day of action was Bill Perkins, who sat with 14.7 million chips, followed by Anthony Gregg with 13.9 milion, Chris Klodnicki with 12 million, and then Antonio Esfandiari, who was looking for the repeat win with 9.2 million. Each player was already locked in to win over $1.4 million for being in the final four, and the first place prize was set at $4.8 million. The players jumped right into the action when things got rolling, as Esfandiari started it off only four hands in.

Esfandiari decided to shove all in over the opening bet of Klodnicki, and Kodnicki decided to make the call and show his A-9. He was behind the pocket eights of Esfandiari, and they stayed good all the way until the river when an Ace popped up. This gave the 20 million chip pot to Klodnicki, and sent Esfandiari home in fourth place. This gave Klodnicki that chip lead, but it didn’t take long for the lead to be passed along. Gregg was able to double up through Perkins four hands after we saw our first elimination, which gave him the top spot. He then knocked out Perkins in third place when his A-Q was far ahead of the A-5 of Perkins, but when a five came on the flop it looked like Perkins could double. Gregg was able to land a Queen on the river though, leaving us to play our heads up match.

When heads up began here for the massive title, it was Gregg holding a lead of 31.2 million chips, against the 18.6 million chips of Kodnicki. The underdog was able to get a nice start though, as he got to within 9 million in chips of Gregg just seven hands in, but Gregg just simply kept grinding and winning the small pots. It took four days to get here, but the final hand was an exciting one when all was said and done. It started with Klodnicki limping and then Gregg checking. The flop came 4-3-9 rainbow, and Gregg checked first, but then raised Klodnicki’s 500k bet up to 1.4 million. Klodnicki decided to make the move and shoved over the top. Gregg called and turned over 9-2 off suit for top pair, while Klodnicki had 7-5 off suite for a gutshot straight draw. A five came on the turn though, and this meant he needed either a five, six, or seven to grab the win. The river was a three though, and this gave Gregg the championship at the One Drop HIgh Roller event.

The total pay day for Gregg was $4,830,619, while Klodnicki went home with a very nice second place finish that was worth $2,985,495. It was an excellent event, and one that was definitely followed in a big way, and now the players are looking at a few of the other big events, including the $50k Poker Players’ Championship, which is underway, and the July 6th World Series of Poker Main Event, which is a tournament that will always get a massive following.




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