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  • Anthony Ruberto Wins World Poker Tour Jacksonville

    Thursday, November 24th, 2011 by Ryan

The 2011 World Poker Tour’s Jacksonville Event came to a close, and featured a player at the top who came into final table play sitting at the top of the leaderboard. Anthony Ruberto was not able to hold the lead from start to finish of this event in Jacksonville, but it went pretty well for a player who is definitely on the rise in the live poker tournament world currently. Ruberto did remain near the top of the leaderboard from the word go when there were only six players remaining, and he was never in danger of losing his chips at any point through the final table. Not only did Ruberto win the grand prize of $325,928, but he also was able to earn a seat into the $25,500 World Poker Tour World Championship.

Ruberto entered the final table with a massive chip lead over the other remaining five players. His chip stack started at 4,500,000, and the closest player to him was Vitor Coelho who had 2,570,000. The other remaining players were Lisa Hamilton with 1,901,000 chips, Sam Soverel with 1,432,000 chips, Artie Rodriguez with 797,000 chips, and Darryll Fish with 641,000 chips.

The action didn’t start off quickly though, as the short stacks were able to keep themselves alive by double ups early on. It took over 50 hands, 52 to be exact before an elimination finally came. Fish was all-in with his pocket three’s against the pocket seven’s of Hamilton, who held up when all was said and done. Not long after, Rodriguez was at risk and had to push his final chips in with 9-7. His incredibly short stack was called by the K-4 of Hamilton, who hit a pair of fours and sent Rodriguez out in fifth place.

When four handed play kicked off, Ruberto had a chip lead of around 4.475 million against the rest of the players who all had just over 2 million chips. He lost a tough one a few hands later and found himself no longer holding the chip lead. He now had 2.945 million, while Soverel had the chip lead with 3.355 million chips. It didn’t take long for our original chip leader to get the lead back though against Soverel, and it just seemed like these two would be set to go back and forth for the remainder of the event. When hand 97 came around, each player at the table was almost sitting with the same number of chips.

From this point, a turn finally came and it was Ruberto who took control. He won a pretty big pot from Soverel, and just kept trucking forward from that point. He knocked out Coelho in fourth place with his pocket Aces, and then knocked out Hamilton a few hands after that. This left the two players who had gone back and forth a few times to this point in the event, with Ruberto holding a chip lead of 9.745 million to the 2.1 million of Soverel. Soverel was able to get a double up to put him over the 4 million chip mark, but all in all, it was Ruberto who took control. It took 20 hands of heads up play before Ruberto finished the deal and sent Soverel home in second place. Soverel pushed all in for just over 2 million with K-7, and ran into the K-J of Ruberto. Ruberto held, and got the grand prize. For Soverel’s efforts he took home a nice second place prize of $187,762.




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