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  • Anthony Zinno Takes Down Vanessa Selbst to Win WPT Borgata Poker Open

    Monday, September 23rd, 2013 by Ryan

In probably one of the most followed poker tournaments that is held between the World Series of Poker and World Series of Poker Europe, we had a great event in the World Poker Tour’s Borgata Poker Open. The event ran over multiple days, and when all was said and done we had two players going into a heads up match that everyone was intrigued by. Anthony Zinno started in the middle of the pack, but was able to catch up to Vanessa Selbst and in the end knock her off to win the championship on Friday night. Zinno had a very tough task heading into the final table as he was going to have to overtake two chip leaders in Selbst, and also the overall chip leader at that time in Cong Pham. Between the three players, they had about 25 million of the chips that were in play, and the other three players, Eric Fields, David Randall, and Jeremy Kottler were combined to make around 10 million of the remaining chips. The shorter stacks didn’t throw in the towel by any means though, and this one was interesting with six players to go.

When the final table action got going, it was Kottler who was incredibly active. He took down a nice four million chip pot from Selbst at one point, and this moved him into second place surprisingly. Fields attempted to do the same of course, but on the 15th hand Kottler raised from the button, and when Pham called, Fields pushed from the big blind. Kottler called, but after Pham shoved it all in, Kottler laid down his hand. Fields turned over pocket Jacks against the A-K of Pham. He looked great on the board of 9-7-5-6, but the river was the heartbreaker as an Ace came down. This sent Fields home in sixth place, and Pham was sitting with over 15 million chips then.

Pham kept on rolling too, and over the next thirty hands he was able to extend those 15 million chips up to 17 million before we saw another player get eliminated. The next elimination came when Randall raised to 300k from the small blind, and Kottler shoved all-in from the big blind for over five million chips. Randall decided to call, and showed Jacks against the A-9 of Kottler. It wasn’t a pretty flop for Randall though, as it showed A-K-8, and this gave Kottler the lead. A ten came on the turn to give Randall some additional outs, he wasn’t able to improve from there though, and he was knocked out in fifth place, leaving Kottler with nine million in chips.

It was then the final four going at it over 40 hands, and Selbst was able to grab the chip lead. Kottler and Pham were going in the other direction while losing chips, but things swung quickly for Pham. Pham was able to double up against Kottler to get the chip lead when A-K held against A-J. Two hands after that Kottler was sent home in fourth place when Selbt’s A-6 ended up bettering the pocket fives of Kottler. Three handed play was in action now, and Pham had a small chip lead of around 600k over Selbst. Zinno on the other hand really hadn’t been involved much, was looking up at the other two players on the leaderboard. It took one huge hand though to change everything.

Zinno raised this hand, and Selbst re-raised from the small blind. Zinno then four bet, and Selbst moved all in. After a whole lot of thinking, Zinno made the call and showed pocket Jacks against Selbst’s A-9. Zinno doubled up and was sitting with around 20 million in chips to Pham’s 9.9 million and Selbst’s 5.7 million chips. Selbst doubled up through Zinno on hand 107, but Zinno rallied back yet again. He and Pham got it all-in and Zinno’s A-K got the best of the A-Q of Pham to send Pham home in third place with a nice pay day of $301,225. The heads up match was now set between Zinno and Selbst, with Selbst holding a 1.6 million chip lead.

Zinno was down to 10 million chips after 15 hands of action, but Zinno kept grinding. On the 134th hand, Zinno called a Selbst all-in with A-10 against the A-8 of Selbst. His hand held, and that left Zinno holding a nice chip lead. It took ten more hands for Zinno to get the win with his A-6 holding against the K-10 of Selbst. Selbst went home with nearly half a million dollars, $492,569 to be exact, and Zinno took down the title and the first place pay day of $825,099.




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