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    Sunday, November 6th, 2011 by Nadia

Anton Makiievskyi (21) from Ukraine will take his place at the final table of the WSOP main event. He is the youngest player to win a spot at the table. If he wins, he will break Joe Cada’s record of being the youngest winner of the WSOP main event.

Though Anton has limited experience with live poker tournaments, he has still won more than $75,000 in total, from events all over the world. This includes a $17,500 win that he landed at the age of 18 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2008 main event. He received his visa to travel to the United States in June of 2011, making this his first cash game in the country.

How he got to the Final Table

Makiievskyi topped the leaderboard on the 7th Day of play and though he fell down the ranks towards the end of the 8th Day, he still managed to win a place for himself at the most prestigious final table in the poker world. He will enter the finals at 8th place, based on his chip count, which was 13,825,000. The blinds will be starting at 250,000/500,000.

On Day One, Anton won 77,675. Day Two saw him with 227,100, which was a substantial increase. Day Three ended with him in the possession of 306,000. On Day Four, he won 598,000. Day Five saw him with 1,806,000. Day Six earned him 3,385,000. On Day Seven, he won 21,045,000. Day Eight saw him win 13,825,000.

Makiievskyi’s Key Hand in the Game

After a major cooler on Day 7, Makiievskyi was in the lead with his chip count. This crippled one of the most dangerous players in the game. The blinds were at 100,000/200,000. Makiievskyi, while in an early position, raised to 400,000. Chris Moore, who was in the middle position, made a call. The dealer dealt the flop and the cards were revealed as Ks-Jc-Jh. It was at this point that the game became more exciting.

First, Makiievskyi made a continuation bet of 400,000. Moore then raised his stakes to 1.1 million. Makiievskyi’s response was a three-bet which raised the stake to 2.8 million, with approximately 7 million remaining. Moore went all in and Makiievsky made a call, creating the biggest pot of the entire tournament.

Makiievskyi had a Ks-Js, whereas Moore had an Ah-Jd. Anton flopped a full house and Moore drew an ace. The turn produced a 6s and the river gave the board a 4h. This gave Anton the lead, overall, with chips valued at about 20 million.

Why Makiievskyi Could Win

Makiievskyi claims to be unfazed by all the glamour and glitz of the game and being a part of the November Nine. According to Anton, he has just been playing poker. He understands that he might never get the chance to play a tournament as big as the WSOP again, but he said that he just plays his game. Makiievskyi said that he will go all in when needed.

Though he is shortstacked, he isn’t afraid to bust early in the game, making him a force to be reckoned with. He is only a double up away from being third in chips value.




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