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  • Antonio Esfandiari Signs On With 3Bet Clothing

    Friday, July 20th, 2012 by Ryan

After a win at the 2012 World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop, there was a ton of hype surrounding the well-known player Antonio Esfandiari. Actually, it’s a pretty safe bet that no player is as talked about as Esfandiari is right this moment, something that will definitely happen after a player wins $18 million in a single poker tournament. While Esfandiari played probably the best poker of his career at the One Drop Event which featured a $1 million, he has also made a bit of noise away from the table as well, with news coming out that he has officially signed on with a new clothing like called 3Bet. 3Bet was around a good bit at the 2012 World Series of Poker, and a lot of the exposure came during the final table run which led to a match between Esfandiari and Brian Rast to decide who took down the grand prize.

The previously mentioned Rast is already signed and sponsored by 3Bet, and he’s one of just many big names. A few other well-known players who are sponsored by this clothing line include John Phan, David “Doc” Sands, Greg Mueller, Jonathan Little, and Scott Clements. The newest name out of all of them though is Esfandiari, as he has officially joined up with the others to be a part of the company. Esfandiari stated the had had had his “eye on 3Bet for a few months, but when I saw their product in person at the start of the WSOP, I knew I had to get involved.”

Esfandiari went on to make some interesting points about 3Bet, stating that they are exactly what poker needed, which was a “clothing line that is both stylish and comfortable”, he also said that he was an “instant fan of what 3Bet is doing as a company.”

Obviously there are some big names now sponsored by the company, but Esfandiari will rank as the largest. 3Bet did at on of marketing during the World Series of Poker, which included a promotion for a “last longer promo” during the Main Event. 3Bet is quite a bit different than many people may think, as they were designed by poker players who have a ton of experience in the fashion industry as well. Kevin Talbot not only created 3Bet, but founded the Heart & Soul line which is sold at possibly places such as JC Penny and Kohls.

As far as what you can get from 3Bet, you’ll find things like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and many other things under each player’s own collection. For example, Antonio has One Drop t-shirts, there is the Rast Collection, Clements Collection, Little Collection, Live Grinder Shirts, Online Wizard Shirts, High Stakes Sharks Shirts, and Bubble Tees just to name a few.

This company will definitely be one to watch in the upcoming months and even years, as it seems that it is rapidly growing, which is great news not only for the company, but for poker players as well who are looking for some comfortable apparel.




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