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    Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by Ryan

There have been many different casinos that are making changes in the games they offer, the limits, and the styles of play as well. This especially includes casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is considered to be the gambling capital of the United States. With that being said, one of the newest, and most popular casinos and resorts in popular Las Vegas has decided to launch a new form of poker this past week. The Aria Resort and Casino is fairly new and the idea behind playing multiple tables in live casino play is now one that could be realistic thanks to this casino. The game is called Multi Action Poker and it was launched this past Wednesday. It will allow players to play in two games at the same time, meaning that you are going to be able play two hands consecutively.

Multi Action Poker is going to make it so that players are going to be able to avoid that dreaded wait between hands by being able to stay involved in the action more often and see more hands per hour. Aria was very big on the fact that they are not making this any type of version of online poker, but when you really look at everything it is very similar. While players are going to have to pay attention to not only the two hands that they have in front of them, they are also going to have to watch their chip stacks and many other things. The only key difference is that the opponents who you are playing against are going to be the same regardless of the hand that you are playing and which stack you are playing with.

When you first look at the idea behind Multi Action Poker, you are going to see that it looks a bit confusing and may actually scare a few people off of it. This game features two dealers that are going to sit across the table from each other, and each dealer is going to deal out their own separate hand. The difference between the two hands that you are going to be playing will be the colors that are shown on both the front and back of the cards, making it obvious as to which hand is which. At the tables themselves you’ll see that there are two different spaces, with one that has a blue circle and one with a red circle, and the chip stacks will be placed on these two. There is also a wooden divider between the two chip stacks, and the flops are going to be dealt out with the same color cards as well.

From this point on, it is standard poker that you are probably used to play. It does take more attention to pay attention to the dealers and the players to find out when the action is on you. You are also going to need to be aware of which pot is which. Interestingly, players can play different games at each table as well if the casino decides to do that. When the action first got underway they decided to play $3/$6 and $5/$10 Fix Limit Hold’em games, as this is one of the easier games to play. This game as a whole is under a 30 day trial with the Nevada Gaming Control, but it’s an idea that could stick if it proves to work.

One quick question that came up was about what could happen if a player busted out of one stack but still had chips in the other. Apparently if you do lose all your chips in one game, you can use the chips from your other stack to fund the first stack as long as you have the minimum in both. If the player does not want to do this, then it is up to the casino as to whether or not they allow the player to remain at the table.

What an interesting concept and idea that this game should be, and it’s one that, if successful, could end up being played in many different casinos across the world. It’ll probably continue to grow in Las Vegas for starters, but we expect it to expand from there.




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