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  • Arrests Come in the Duhamel Home Invasion

    Friday, December 30th, 2011 by Ryan

There has been a recent report about the potential home invasion of one of the more well-known poker players in the game today. Jonathan Duhamel was apparently at his home in Canada, when two men came and rang the door bell at around 9:15am on December 21st. Duhamel answered the door, and the report stated that two men assaulted the person and forced their way into his home. The original report did not state that it was Duhamel specifically, but after more details came out, it was stated that Duhamel was indeed the man, and it was his home as well. Additional details come out that Duhamel was beaten, and also had some expensive things stolen from his home.

The two men apparently tied Duhamel up after beating him up, and then went on to steal some of his money, and two incredibly expensive items. The first was his World Series of Poker Main Event gold bracelet that he had won, and also a Rolex that was given to him as a present from PokerStars for winning the Main Event. It took a week of investigation for the two men to be found, but when it was all said and done, there have actually been four people arrested for the attack on the gold bracelet winner.

It was determined that this was a targeted attack, and that one of the four people arrested is someone who Duhamel actually knew. The person who he knew was a 20 year old woman named Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, who Duhamel had dated in the past. She has been charged with five different things, but one of them was conspiracy. The two men who were arrested were John Stephen Clark Lemay (22 years old), and Andre Perron (26 years old), and were charged with robbery, breaking and entering, assault, and forcible confinement this past week. Last but not least was Anthony Bourque (20 years old), and he is in the midst of the investigation as they attempt to find exactly what he was responsible for during the home invasion.

As far as what was stolen from Duhamel, the Rolex was found and returned to him, but the WSOP gold bracelet has not turned up yet. Duhamel has offered a reward of $10k for the bracelet or for information regarding the bracelet. Fortunately for Duhamel, none of the injuries were too serious, but he did suffer some bruises all over his body. There were no broken bones or blood clots, and as Duhamel said, “nothing to worry about.” It’s always good to hear that the people involved were arrested in these situations, and that Duhamel came out of everything safely.

We are hopeful that we can see Duhamel on the tournament circuit soon, and I definitely expect to see him at the upcoming World Series of Poker. The young poker pro is considered to be one of the “up and coming” players in the game right now, and poker fans all over will definitely keep their eyes open for him in the year 2012.




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