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  • Attendance at the World Series of Poker Europe Falls Off

    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 by Ryan

The World Series of Poker Europe is one of the more followed events in all of the world for good reason. The WSOPE has been played over the past four years in London, England, and the Main Event has been one of the most consistent events in the game. They draw in very good numbers year in and year out, and to break down the numbers of players for the £10,000 Main Event over those four years, you can look at the numbers 362, 362, 334, and 346 for the total number of players. Last year though, the event moved to Cannes, France and the numbers went through the ref up to 593 players for this very same event. This was a great move, and makes the numbers that came in for the 2012 event a bit surprising.

Obviously you never want to see numbers take a big decline, but they were still larger than the four years back in London, England. When the total number for the Main Event came in after Day 1B was done, the total number of players were 420. Obviously this is still going to bring in a big prize pool to the eventual winner and the players who end up making it to the final table. As you could imagine, all of the numbers throughout the events have taken a hit from last year though, with none of the seven different events showing increases in total number of entrants.

When breaking down the exact numbers throughout the events, we’ll start with Event #1. Event #1 was a £2,700 Six Max No Limit Hold’em event, and last year they drew in 360 players compared to only 227 this year. Event #2 is a £1k No Limit event that drew in the most entrants in 2011 with 771 total, but saw the number drop to 626 for 2012. Event #3 switched to a Pot Limit Omaha £5k event with 97 entrants compared to 180 last year, while events #4 and #5 were both No Limit Hold’em events again. Event #4 was a Shootout event that drew 141 players compared to 258 last year, while Event #5 was a £10k Mix Max event with 96 players against 125 last year. The other Pot Limit Omaha event, number 6, drew 206 players, but lost 123 players from last year while featuring a £1,650 buy-in.

Obviously it’s never good to see numbers decrease like this for a popular event series like the World Series of Poker Europe, but the numbers still seem to be pretty solid all-around. Here’s to hoping that things get back to the 2011 numbers from when the series originally moved to France and that they can continue to build up those prize pools for the players. Some of the events are still being played as well, and we are going to keep you updated on how some of the final tables end up winding down, including the £10k Main Event that will give a very nice pay day for the whoever takes down the event.




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