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  • Bally Technologies and IGT Both Approved for Online Gaming Licenses in Nevada

    Monday, June 25th, 2012 by Ryan

If there was one location in the United States that you would feel strongly about a possibility of online poker becoming legal, where do you think it would be? If you guessed the state of Nevada, you had the right guess in mind. In recent news, it seems that regulated online poker in the state of Nevada is quickly on its way towards actually happening. This past week, there were licenses granted to two gaming companies by the Nevada Gaming Commission. These two companies are now allowed to provide systems to online poker partners so that there will be online poker allowed in Nevada.

What’s even more interesting about this news is that not only were there two companies approved for the licenses, but these two companies are actually rival firms, making it so that the online poker world could be heating up quite a bit to see who takes over the regulated poker in Nevada. The two companies are International Game Technology (IGT) and Bally Technologies, and the votes for them to get online gaming licenses were both unanimous votes. With that being said, just because they are the two companies approved for the licenses, this does NOT mean that they will be the companies that are going to be running the online poker rooms that are going to be running. Instead, they will be supplying systems to whoever ends up running the poker sites in the future.

We can’t expect much to happen just yet in Nevada though. While the approval is great news for both the companies and for online poker players in the state of Nevada, both Bally and IGT are going to have to wait it out to see when the casino operators end up getting licensed and allowed to offer online poker to the players in the state. Obviously both companies will be prepared for when this does happen though, especially because they want to get the lead on their opponent in terms of offering great systems that will get a ton of attention from the players.

If you think that you’ve heard of these two companies, you probably have. Both companies are well-known in Nevada as they are the two largest manufacturers of slot machines. So you’ll find that when things do get underway, they should do just fine with getting the online poker boom in the United States rolling once again. Both companies have also created online poker software which has been used by online poker sites in Europe as well, with IGT purchasing the Entraction network last year, and Bally purchasing Chili Poker from the Chiligaming’s B2B platform.

While both companies were approved, you could technically say that Bally Technologies got the nod first, as they received it approximately 45 minutes before IGT did. Both companies care very little about when they received the good news, but are more ecstatic to simply receive the news and be able to provide systems when online poker is legal once again in Nevada.




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