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  • Being A Profitable Turbo Sit-N-Go Player

    Friday, November 4th, 2011 by Ryan

Many online poker players kick off their careers playing Turbo Sit-N-Go’s, and there’s a reason for this. Sit-N-Go tournaments are the best way to start as they are essentially small tournaments that offer players many different levels to buy in at. On top of that, learning to play Sit-N-Go’s are a great way to get a feel for the game of poker in general. There is a bit of strategy when it comes to these tournaments, and we are going to cover some of that strategy today. There are different stages of Sit-N-Go tournaments ranging from early in the tournament, after a few eliminations have occurred, and when you make it into the cash. We’ll give some tips and strategy on all three situations.

*Early On*

Early in the event is when you should just lay back and watch the action unfold. You should play incredibly tight, and pick your spots very carefully. The whole idea behind these tournaments is that you just want to make it into the cash, and you should really avoid risking your chips early on. Many people are incredibly tight and fold small pocket pairs and things like K-Q off suit out of position, and these players are some of the most profitable players in the game. The best way to play the early stages of a Sit-N-Go is to slowly build your chip stack, and hope to never have to risk your stack.

*Mid Levels*

So say that you are playing a nine player Turbo Sit-N-Go, the middle levels would be considered when there are about 5 or 6 players remaining. This is the time when the blinds and chip stacks are very important. You should always watch how many big blinds you have left in your stack, and if you end up having less than 10; that means it is time to push those chips all in. Aside from that though, when there are 5 or 6 people left, and you are a middle to top stack, you really need to try to get rid of those small stacks and see if you can get into the cash (top three). Once again, avoid risking your stack if you can by not battling with the big stacks, you would much rather play hand against the smaller stacks.

*One From the Money*

Short and sweet, and if you can outlast one of the players at the table, then you aren’t playing anything but the biggest hands possible (Ace’s, King’s, Queen’s, Jack’s, and maybe 10’s). But if you are the short stack, then it’s all about pushing all in with good position and with a high card or two that give you a good chance to double up. Once again it depends quite a bit on your chip stack here.

*In the Cash*

This is where it gets fun. You’ve made it into the cash and have made some money for your efforts. When you get in this spot, the blinds are typically pretty big and you will typically be pushing all in if you are going to play. So here, all you are looking for is a good hand to get it all in with. But remember, there are only three players remaining so hands like King-Nine off suit are much stronger now than at a nine handed table!




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