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  • Betfair Making Move from OnGame to iPoker

    Thursday, January 10th, 2013 by Ryan

In recent months, it seems that the online poker world has seen some major changes going on. While Full Tilt made their rise from the ashes and is now back drawing in consistent traffic and getting a ton of interest, many other online poker sites have been moving through the different poker networks for many different reasons. We’ve covered a few interesting stories of moves that have happened, and the newest bit of poker news that came out is about Betfair making a change as well. Betfair has made the move from the OnGame network to iPoker this past week.

The announcement came from the gambling firm Betfair Group plc, and it came out this week about the move from the Ongame Network to the iPoker Network. The iPoker Network is a part of Playtech, and the announcement that Playtech put out was that the well-known gambling company was going to be a part of their Network later this month. An exclusive arrangement is going to be set up for later in the year, and specifically should be done in July.

The move is simply for one key reason, as Betfair has struggled in the online poker department recently, and it’s something that they are focused on trying to get going in the right direction again. Based on last months results that were turned in, Betfair actually saw their net gaming revenues drop 11 percent. They also dropped a very large number of active players also, going from 93,000 players to 85,000 in the span of a year. These numbers showed no sign of going back in the right direction, which led to the decision to make the move.

According to the news, Betfair has made a few different statements about the situation and how it could benefit their online poker. One key part is that the move to the iPoker Network is going to allow them to be able to choose the best network for the customers based on specific countries where they are located at.

If you know much about Betfair though, you probably know that they do far more than online poker. Online poker is actually one of the smallest parts of what this online gambling site does, and is one of the smaller portions of their gaming revenues. To sum up the differences that you’ll see between the poker income, the online gambling site brought in just £9.6 million in the first half of the year through poker, while they brought in £29.4 million from the casino aspect, and an impressive £140.2 million from the sports betting.

The deal that was set up between the two sides here is apparently going to be worth between £2 to £3 million that will go to Playtech, while an additional £2 million in EBITDA, which stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Speaking of the OnGame network, this is another story about a site moving from their network. The first move came from bwin.com, as they moved to the PartyPoker Network. OnGame has seen a fall in the rankings consistently in their cash game traffic specifically. They are sitting at 14th right now, and they are behind sites such as MPN, Bodog, and Revolution Gaming also. On the other hand, iPoker is sitting at fourth right now, and Betfair should definitely see a nice increase due to their move to the iPoker Network.

While the rankings currently feature PokerStars at the top, the iPoker Network was actually fighting for the number two spot with PartyPoker in the past few months. Unfortunately for the iPoker Network ran into a tough spot as the massive online poker site Full Tilt Poker made their comeback and jumped up near the top of the rankings. On top of that though, when bwin made the move to PartyPoker it pushed them up in the rankings and put iPoker down to the fourth place when all was said and done. It’ll be interesting to watch how iPoker does though after adding Betfair, as there’s a strong chance that it could end up pushing them past PartyPoker.

We’ll keep you updated on the rankings, but the move for Betfair over to the iPoker Network should be finishing within the next few months, and it will definitely benefit the players at Betfair and bring in some additional traffic to the poker aspect of Betfair!




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