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  • Betfair Poker Live Starts July 25th in Odessa

    Saturday, July 16th, 2011 by t2admin

Betfair Poker has been running a series of live events for awhile now and the next event starts July 25th 2011. Betfair is hosting the next Betfair Poker Live event in Odessa, which is a city that’s famously known as “The Pearl of the Sea”. The event will be hosted at the Black Sea Privoz hotel, which is an amazing hotel located in the heart of the city. Betfair Poker Live – Odessa will begin on the 25th of July and end August 1st, so you’ll need to make sure you can book the time off if need be.

The highlight of the event is without question the Main Event, which has a guaranteed prize pool of at least $150K. I’m sure that the prize pool will surpass the $150K, as the tournament is in an excellent location this time. Not only can you play poker with players from around the world, but you’ll also be able to turn the trip into a vacation. The main event doesn’t start until the 27th, so you have 2 days after arriving to do anything you want.

Betfair will be hosting tournaments during the entire event, but if you don’t want to play in the smaller tournaments there are tons of things to do in Odessa. Betfair is allowing players to purchase a Main Event package directly on the Betfair Poker site, but you can also try and win a prize package through the satellites being offered at Betfair. There is still one Odessa Finals satellite left, which is being played in the Betfair Poker online poker room on July 17th.

Players can buy-in to the Odessa Finals on July 17th for $120 or you can try qualifying by playing in steps tournaments. Betfair is hosting daily steps tournaments and if you can beat 3 steps you’ll win a seat into the Odessa Finals. The Odessa Finals on July 17th will have 2 prize packages guaranteed, but I’m sure by the time registration is over there will be at least 4 packages up for grabs.

The prize package being offered by Betfair is valued at $2500 and includes your $1650 buy-in to the Odessa Main Event. Betfair is also including $850 to help you pay for your travel expenses and hotel while in Odessa. Betfair will also ensure that all players that win a prize package are taken care of by the Betfair staff during the event. Whether you buy-in directly or qualify through Betfair, you don’t want to miss the Betfair Poker Live Event in Odessa at the end of this month.




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