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  • Big Chase Promotion Announced at Lock Poker

    Thursday, December 6th, 2012 by Ryan

Lock Poker is known for quite a few things, and one of the biggest has to be their rise through the online poker world. Lock Poker started as one of the stronger options on the Merge Gaming Network, but as time rolled on they continued to pick up steam and build their customer base. Before long they found themselves at the top of the Merge Gaming Network and considered to be the top online poker site on the network. They were rapidly growing in popularity, and were one of the few sites out there that accepted action from United States based players. This still stands true to this day, but instead of remaining with Merge, Lock Poker actually made the move and left Merge to purchase the Cake Poker Network and create a new network called Revolution. This network has been up and running for a good while now, and they run with an improved version of the Cake Poker software.

With the holidays and specifically Christmas approaching rapidly right now, the largest online poker site on the Revolution Gaming Network has come out with a new promotion that is going to cater to the players and give them a chance to win a nice chunk of change. The promotion at Lock Poker is going to run through all of December and through January as well, and it is going to be awarding the players on Lock Poker with $1,500,000 in cash prizes. There will be 58 different cash prizes that players are going to be competing for specifically.

You will find that with this promotion that players are going to be attempting to achieve one of the 58 different levels. The name of the promotion is the Big Chase, and each time that you end up reaching one of the new levels through the promotion you are going to get the cash prize for that level automatically deposited right into your online poker account at Lock. There are also ways that players can get to the next level in the promotion even faster as well, which is by playing on the Double Agent tables, and these are going to be specifically designated through the lobby of the poker site. Any player who is playing on one of these tables is going to get double the points that any other player on the site would receive.

After you accumulate $10 in MGR, which is the rake on the site, you will start earning prizes. Once you hit this point you get a bonus that is worth $2, and you are going to be able to continue to play and work your way up to the high stakes which is the $5,000 prize at the top. The $5k prize is going to be awarded to whoever ends up reaching $8,000 in MGR by the time the promo ends. If you check out Lock Poker’s site you’ll see a full list of the prizes and all of the different amounts that you can take home as well. You can also find that through Lock Poker if you are a new player that you not only can get a great deposit bonus, but that you can also earn 36% rakeback on your play also.

Lock has stated that prizes and rewards are going to be paid out the players hourly, and that there are limited amounts of prizes for each level. This means that you should definitely get rolling in the promo early, but with having both December and January, you could definitely be able to make some serious money from the promotion. If you end up clearing all of the levels through the Big Chase promotion then you are going to potentially earn more than $75,000 sent into your online poker account at Lock Poker.

Lock Poker runs quite a few different promotions throughout the year, and they also have a good range of limits through both their cash games and their poker tournaments as well. No matter what level of poker player that you are, and if you like to play for fun at the low stakes or play high limit poker, Lock has something for everyone out there. This current promotion is a great way to build your bankroll through your play, so be sure to check out Lock to read more about it.




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