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  • Big One for One Drop Back in WSOP for 2014

    Friday, October 25th, 2013 by Ryan

With tournament action heating up for the final home stretch of 2013, fans and poker players alike are looking at the 2013 World Series of Poker November Nine, and also the upcoming tournament year for 2014. There are always questions about what tournaments will be run throughout the year, and specifically what types of changes and events are going to be run at the upcoming World Series of Poker. The WSOP is by far the biggest and most followed poker tournament in the world today, and it features over 60 events each and every year. One of those events that gets a lot of attention since its creation has to be the One Drop tournaments. These are tournaments that give money to the One Drop charity created by Guy Laliberte. The first year, we saw the Big One for One Drop, which featured an amazing $1 million buy-in. This tournament was taken down by Antonio Esfandiari for a score of $18 million.

Last year though, the Big One was not one of the tournaments, but we did see a few other types of tournaments for One Drop, including a High Rollers Event with a buy-in of $111,111, and a Little One for One Drop event that had a $1,111 buy-in. These tournaments both drew in a massive amount of players, and they worked the same way that the Big One did. Each of the tournaments gave a percentage of the buy-in to the charity. For the Big One back in 2012, it was $111,111 of each $1 million buy-in that went to One Drop for the charity, and many players gave parts of their winnings back to the charity as well.

The great news for poker fans is that after a year away, the Big One for One Drop is going to be back in the World Series of Poker in 2014. The tournament is going to run from June 29th to July 1st, and is going to be televised at Caesars Palace up until the final table begins. As previously mentioned, the entire idea was created by Laliberte, who also played and cashed in the tournament back in 2012. He is actually the founder of Cirque du Soleil as well, and is the Chairman of One Drop. The One Drop charity has a goal to provide clean and drinkable water to those in need throughout the world. This is definitely one of the most talked about and followed poker tournaments, mainly due to its massive prize pool and the donations to charity that go along with it.

Back in 2012, we saw 48 players put up the $1 million buy-in, and it ended up creating more than $5.3 million to go to the charity. Overall, when the tournament came to a close they ended up making around $10 million for the charity. On top of that, the Greenlight Capital Founder and President, David Einhorn donated $650,000 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and then his third place pay day of $4,352,000 to City Year, which helps kids stay in school, graduate, and become community leaders. For this tournament the World Series of Poker did not take a rake, which meant that we had a massive prize pool still.

The set up for the Big One for One Drop is going to be the same in 2014 as it was in 2012, with the $1 million buy-in and the $111,111 going to charity form each players buy-in. They have raised the maximum number of players who can buy-in to this tournament though, as it was capped at 48 last year, and this year it will be capped at 56. This tournament is also going to pay out between 16 to 20 percent of the field, instead of the 10 percent that usually get paid. That final number will depend on how many players ending buying into the event.

Right out of the gate as you can imagine, Guy Laliberte has locked up one of the seats to the tournament, and he finished in 5th place back in 2012. We have big expectations for the Big One for One Drop yet again, and that’s largely due to the massive amount of interest in gained, but also the high praise that the event received after it was wrapped up back in 2012.




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