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  • Black Card Program is Back at Full Tilt Poker

    Friday, July 5th, 2013 by Ryan

The Black Card Program is back at the popular Full Tilt Poker. While no one really even expected Full Tilt Poker to make it back out of the woodworks, you’ll see that the patches for Full Tilt are actually back popping up in a few different places, especially at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. While Full Tilt came back after they were purchased by the massive and most popular online poker site in PokerStars, they have slowly started doing quite a few of the things that they did in the past. Obviously one of the things that came back quickly were the different poker tournaments and guarantees that come along with the poker tournaments, but another nice addition that Full Tilt brought back was their Black Card loyalty program. The announcement came on Monday that they were re-launching the program, and it is going to cater to those high limit and elite players on Full Tilt. It was elaborated on by the Poker Room Manager at Full Tilt, Shyam Markus, on the Two Plus Two poker forum.

You are going to notice right away that with the Black Card loyalty program, that this definitely won’t be something for the small stakes grinders and low limit players. This is literally going to be for the high stakes poker players who grind pretty much every day. You don’t HAVE to be a high stakes player to earn a Black Card obviously, but you do have a few things that you need to do in order to hit the limits to earn it. Right out of the gate, it is stated that you must earn 500 Full Tilt Points per day over a 100 day rolling average, which means that you’ll need to be grinding out some cash game poker more than likely, unless you play a TON of high stakes poker tournaments mixed in with high stakes Sit and Go’s.

If you are able to qualify for the Black Card, you are then going to opt-in for the Monthly Edge Leaderboards. These leaderboards are going to make it so that players are going to be able to earn double the Full Tilt Points, and after this you’ll be able to take those points and switch them for cash. For every 200 Full Tilt Points that you earn here, you can exchange for $1. The Black Card members are going to get some awesome benefits of their Diamond status, which will include them being able to earn a total of $2.50 for every 100 Full Tilt Points that they can earn, which is definitely a huge perk of playing the high limits and earning this status.

To keep it rolling along with looking at the perks of this Black Card membership from Full Tilt, you’ll want to look at the Black Card Pro Sponsorship Program. For any of the players who finish at the top of one of the eleven different leaderboards that were previously mentioned (as long as they are opted in of course), are going to get a six month pro sponsorship deal from Full Tilt Poker. This is going to be ranked after each six month span, and it’s broken down into leaderboards of NL/PL Hold’em High, NL/PL Hold’em Low, PL Omaha High, and PL Omaha Low, all of which have to be above the $1/$2 stakes. The other leaderboards are the Rush Ring Games High and Rush Ring Games Low, with the High being above $0.50/$1, and the Low being up to $0.50/$1. All other Ring Games, all Sit and Go’s, all Heads Up Sit and Go’s, and all Multi Table Tournaments are going to be the rest of the the leaderboards.

As you may know by now, becoming a sponsored pro on Full Tilt is going to get you the red name status, and you also get a special avatar. On top of that, you’ll earn a $20,000 prize package that can be used for FTOPS or Mini FTOPS events, and 100 percent rakeback. There are also two other players who are going to end up qualifying for the Black Card Pro sponsorship program, and these are the players who take down two leaderboards, one for the FTOPS, and one for the Mini FTOPS.




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