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  • Blair Hinkle Takes Down WSOP Circuit- Council Bluffs Main Event for Second Time

    Thursday, April 25th, 2013 by Ryan

The World Series of Poker is currently running its Circuit events that run throughout the country and give players the chance to win some serious cash and also to win a gold ring (they only give gold bracelets at the actual World Series of Poker). If you remember back to 2010, a fella by the name of Blair Hinkle was able to take down the World Series of Poker Circuit- Council Bluffs Main Event, and this was his first ever gold ring. Obviously winning a gold ring is incredibly tough, and while it’s probably not quite as tough as winning a gold bracelet, you are still going to have to beat some seriously strong competition to win one. While it was impressive enough that he won it in 2010, on Monday he was able to do it all over again though, as he is now the first player in the World Series of Poker Circuit history to win the same Main Event twice in their career. He beat out 367 total opponents on his way to a pay day that was worth $121,177.

The news actually broke from Hinkle’s mom apparently, who was talking about how cool it would be if he was able to win the event twice in his career. She made the statement to reporters just before the final table began, and he had some tough competition to beat out in order to win the event. One of the players he had to beat out when all was said and done was his own brother as well. Grant Hinkle is a very talented player as well, and he has actually won a gold bracelet back in 2008 when he took down a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. Blair also won a bracelet that year too, in the $2,000 Limit Hold’em event, and this set another record as this was the first time that siblings had won bracelets at the same World Series of Poker.

Late on Day 2 the two brothers ended up setting at the same table, and while some people would be excited to be sitting next to each other late in the tournament and try to keep the run going, Blair stated that it “sucked”, and as he stated, you don’t want to play against good players, and you also don’t want to play against each other because they don’t “soft play each other”. Regardless of how they went back and forth with each other, they both almost made it to the final table still though, while Grant ended up going home in 11th place when all was said and done.

Hinkle started off Day 3 at the final table in third place with over a million chips, while Brendan Waite had 1.432 million, and Sean Small had 1.352 million. These three actually made it all the way to the end as well, eliminating players as they went, and when we saw the heads up match set and ready to roll, it was Waite against Hinkle to decide who would win the championship. When the match began, Waite was sitting in a good spot with a chip lead of 4.35 million to 2.95 million, but it took just a few hands before Hinkle was able to change things. The flop came down with a 7-2-7 flop, and but then the two got into a raising war. Before long we saw a four bet up to 1.1 million from Waite, and then Hinkle calling. Both players checked a Jack ont he turn, and then Waite bet 800,000 on the river of a 5, and Hinkle called. Hinkle turned over trip sevens, while Waite was bluffing with nothing. This gave Hinkle a chip lead with 5.105 million chips.

Hinkle continued to build up his chip stack over time, but then Waite made a comeback to actually regain that chip lead. The two stayed close throughout until they got to the dinner break. Just after dinner, Hinkle took over yet again. He was able to get the win on the final hand that saw a flop of K-5-3, and when the turn came with a K, the bets got larger and led to a re-raise from Waite. Eventually the river was a 6, and Hinkle then check-raised all-in, which led to Waite calling with 6-7 for a pair, while Hinkle had a straight with 2-4.

Hinkle took down $121,177 for first place, while Waite was able to bring home a pay day of $74,881 for finishing in second place.




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