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    Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 by Ryan

Bodog is one of the most talked about and well-known online gambling sites out there today, and they’ve done some interesting things in the game of online poker as well over the past few years. While they moved out of the United States after Black Friday, and this is why Bovada was created, they are still making some changes and growing in the online poker community. Bodog has announced yet another new series that is very interesting to the players. It is called the “Anonymous Poker Series”, and this new series is a combination of live and online poker events that will be held in the Bodog Poker Network’s presence in Asia.

This new series is going to be intriguing, and it pretty much answers the question about Bodog’s potential to be able to hold a poker tournament festival. As you may remember from last year, Bodog decided to make a huge change to quite a few of their games, as they allowed tables to be anonymous, which meant that you couldn’t actually track other players’ by their names on the site. Bodog had used a randomly generated number on the seats at the table to make sure that you weren’t able to track players, and this was supposed to make it so that things are completely fair and there couldn’t be software tracking used.

There is one obvious reason why Bodog decided to make this move, and the key factor in it was that they wanted to make sure that their online poker site would cater to the casual poker players who like to simply play to have a good time. Some other sites obviously allow sharks to help themselves get even more information through poker software tracking programs about their opponents. They feel that doing this completely separates them from the rest of the competition on the site. Obviously many players really enjoyed this as they were the casual players and didn’t use this, but other players weren’t such big fans of it.

Some players had issues with the fact that the inability for players to be able to track their opponents, made it so that the potential for players to cheat could actually go much more unknown, as it was proven that it has happened in the past in online poker. Two friends could sit at the same table together and share their information with each other, and this gives them an edge over the other players at the table.

Now, to look back at the Anonymous Poker Series, it’s going to be a nice combination between the two sides of the poker world, which is online and live poker. The action is going to go between the two, and in the end it will feature a $100,000 Grand Final in Manila. This Grand Final event is going to be featured NEXT year in January of 2014, and is going to only feature Bodog players who can get into the event. Players are able to make it into the big dance by qualifying, which you will be able to do in both live and online poker tournaments also.

We don’t have a full set of details on the situation just yet, but we are waiting to get more information about both the live and online qualifiers that are going to be held. This information should come out early in 2013, and when all is said and done there are going to be quite a few options for all types of players out there, and many ways for you to get into the $100k Grand Final.

Obviously with so many huge online and live poker tournament series that go on in the game of poker today, this is going to be one that should draw a good bit of interest. As you can imagine, the World Series of Poker and all of the World Poker Tour events consistently draw interest, but with this Grand Final starting right at the beginning of 2014, you can bet that a very good number of players are going to be focused in on trying to get into the tournament series and qualifying through the different qualifiers.




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