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    Sunday, December 18th, 2011 by Nadia

In July 2011, Bodog Poker Network announced that it would be withdrawing from the United States’ online gaming market. More recently, the company has launched Bovada Poker, the re-branded version of Bodog’s U.S operated website. Bovada Poker will be run by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG). MMGG formerly functioned as the United States license holder for Bodog. The new site will be affiliated to the Bodog Poker Rooms and will share the same database of players.


Bovada Poker will only allow residents to register on the site. However, American or overseas players will still be able to play against one another on the Bodog Poker Network. The common database of players will allow all the members of the network’s poker rooms to compete on the same field.

Players who are already registered on the Bodog Network will experience very few changes. Though they can no longer access their chosen poker room through Bodog, they can download the software required for Bovada Poker and start playing there. Their previously created screen names and passwords will still be applicable on the new site. Players need not fear losing their money in the transfer between sites. Bodog will automatically carry over the bankrolls of all U.S players to the Bovada poker room. Bonuses too will be credited to players’ accounts when they transfer to Bovada Poker.

Effect of the Transition on Customer Use

The transition between the sites is expected to have only a minor effect on the user traffic that is usually a fixture at the Bodog Poker Network. The Bovada Poker Room was temporarily unavailable to players on December 14th. However, this was due to the transfer of the information contained in its database.

Once this was completed, the site was once again up and running. The shut-down only lasted a few hours. Bodog has stated that players in non-U.S locations are likely to experience a lull in user traffic. Fortunately for poker players who reside in the United States, this was a time when player traffic was expected to have been minimal.

Bodog’s Future Plans for Bovada Poker

The Bodog Poker Network is holding out hope that the move to re-brand their U.S operations will be a successful one and that the new Bovada Poker site will have a positive effect on the number of players utilizing the network. It is clear that the company hopes that Bovada Poker will entice more players to sign up to the network.

In April 2011, after Black Friday, Bodog experienced a major increase in site traffic. This was due to the shut down of other widely used online poker rooms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. It saw a 64% jump in traffic. However, this did not last for long. Merge Poker soon announced its intention of re-admitting U.S players and much of the site’s traffic dissipated. With the launch of Bovada Poker, player volume at the site and Bodog is set to increase.




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