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  • Brandon Cantu, Jason Mercier – Twitter Fight Over Poker Debts

    Friday, February 17th, 2017 by Jeremy Olsen

Sometimes borrowing and unpaid debts get out of hand in the poker world. And this is the cause behind a recent Twitter fight between Jason Mercier and Branon Cantu.

Interestingly enough, the fight started because WPT champ Daniel Weinman bashed Cantu over an unpaid loan through a Phil Hellmuth tweet.

Cantu, who works on strategy materials with Hellmuth, was quick to defend himself. But then other pros starting piling on him, including Mercier and Shaun Deeb.

As you can see in these text messages, Mercier hesitantly loaned Cantu money a long time ago. And his suspicions that Cantu is “scum” may be confirmed since the latter has taken 3.5 years to repay him.

This resulted in a barrage of tweets back and forth between the players, where it looks like Cantu is trying to defame Mercier in front of his sponsor, PokerStars. Furthermore, Cantu tags PokerStars in the tweet to ensure that they see the conversation between the two players.

Judging from the tweets, Cantu looks to be in the wrong here and only makes himself look worse by trying to get Mercier fired from his sponsor.

Once sponsored by Full Tilt Poker and PokerRoad.com, Cantu has hit tough times recently. He’s only managed to min-cash events since 2012 and has just $2,740 in winnings this year.

Considering that Cantu has over $4.2 million in career winnings, along with a 2008 WPT victory ($1 million), it appears that his poker career is going in the wrong direction. And he’ll have a tough time borrowing money with his reputation being further shredded.

But the one good thing for him is that he’s still connected with Hellmuth, who’s one of the most-visible figures in poker these days.




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