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  • Brandon Shack-Harris to Document 18-Game Mix & Other High Stakes Action

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 by Jeremy Olsen

We often hear broad stories about high-stakes poker pros and their exploits, including a recent spat between Gus Hansen and David Oppenheim. But do we ever truly know what’s going through these pros’ minds as they compete for thousands of dollars on every hand?

WSOP champ Brandon Shack-Harris will offer a glimpse into the world of live high-stakes cash games through his blog. He’ll be playing everything from 18-Game to A-5 Triple Draw at the highest stakes available.

Here’s a partial entry from the first day (Jan 31, 2017), just so you know what to expect:

“I thought it could be interesting to offer a small window into the daily swings of high stakes mixed games. For now my intentions are to document only stakes above 200/400, with the main game being a 400/800 18 Game Mix – meaning the game we play changes every 9 hands. When my schedule is especially hectic, or I’m too sleep deprived, I’ll just update with results, other times I’ll try and elaborate on the session a little bit.

“Here’s a list of the games we play for those interested: Limit Hold ‘Em, Omaha 8, Razz, Stud, Stud 8, 2-7 NLSD, Big O, PLO, PLO8, 2-7 Triple Draw, A-5 TD, 2-6 TD, A-4 TD, Badugi, Badaci, Badaci A-4, Badeucey, Badeucey 2-6, Super Razzdeucy or daci, 2-7 Razz, Stud No Qualifier, and Archie. I realize this is more than 18 games, but typically a few are shuffled in and out.”

Jumping to Day 2, Shack-Harris pointed out that he was disappointed with his play, citing the inability to put together “thoughtful decisions, [and] focus,” which led to poor play. He also said that he needs to stop feeling obligated to keep games going when regulars check out for a while.

Maybe Shack-Harris won’t be providing you with a step-by-step playbook on how to become a high-stakes grinder. But it’ll definitely be helpful to see how an elite pro handles the ups and downs of playing big games.

And if you need further motivation to check out his thoughts, note that Daniel Negreanu is in line to watch.




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