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  • Brian Hastings Loses Full Tilt Pro Status

    Monday, December 21st, 2009 by t2admin

It was recently announced that Brian Hastings has lost his Pro Status at Full Tilt Poker. Hastings recently took close to $4 million from mystery poker player Isildur1 and Hastings admitted that he shared hand histories with other poker players. This is not allowed at Full Tilt Poker and Hastings has been denied pro status for one month.

Hastings told Brian Townsend and Cole South, Cardrunners members, hand histories to get an advantage over Isildur1. This has now caused speculation over Hastings winning the large amount from the mystery poker pro.

Full Tilt’s Terms and Conditions state that players are not permitted to use hand histories for hands that they have not personally participated in. players are prohibited from viewing any hand history they did not participate in.

Since Hastings shared his histories with other poker pros, Full Tilt Poker has revoked his poker pro status for one month. Before the ban was instated, Townsend commented in the Cardrunners blog by posting the following statements:
“I wanted to clear up some allegations about Brian Hastings, Cole South and myself.  First Brian H. Cole S and myself never colluded.  Collusion is nearly impossible HU but there was always one person playing and never any ghosting occurring.  In fact the only person to break the T&C of FullTilt Poker was myself. I had about 20k hands of play on Isildur and I acquired another 30k hands.  This is against the T&C of FullTilt Poker and because of this violation I am going to have my red pro status suspended for one month.” 

It will definitely be interesting to see where this story goes. Will the other pros at Full Tilt be suspended as well? The high stakes action is very interesting and exciting when Isildur1 is involved so it would be a shame if something got in the way of just playing cards and using their poker skills.




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