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    Sunday, November 27th, 2011 by Ryan

One of the most frustrating parts of a poker tournament is being knocked out on the bubble of making the cash. Most of the time this means that you’ve played for hours on end, and won’t even win the minimum back because you were eliminated just before you were set to get some dough. This is the type of loss that makes you want to avoid those long poker tournaments, and is more than annoying. Many people will actually just sit out as they get close to making the money in tournaments, while other players decide to “go big or go home” and get even more aggressive than normal. In a bit of interesting news though, there is a website that is now offering “Bubble Protection” to online poker players. The idea behind this protection is that it basically ensures your tournament buy-in against ending up on the money bubble.

How this protection works is that players will pay a fee, which is currently set at about 12% of the buy-in for the actual tournament, and this will give you an additional 10% to work with after the bubble. So what this means is that if you enter a 1000 player tournament, and the top 100 players get paid (top 10%), you will actually get paid back another 10%, or as long as you finish inside of the top 200. All you have to do in order to sign up for this service is to go onto the site and register your online name, and the tournament, and purchase the insurance on it. After the event is then finished, players will get the buy-in and rake back after the event comes to an end.

This service does not work with every online poker site though, and as of now it works with PokerStars, the iPoker Network, and PartyPoker. This service is only offered right now to standard poker events, and does NOT include multiple entry events, and it also does not cover rebuy tournaments either. Bubble Protection is also only offered to international poker players, which means that United States based players will not be rewarded any amount of money back for being eliminated on the bubble. However, once the situation with online poker in the United States is handled, the site says that Bubble Protection will be available for use.

It will be interesting to see what kind of affect this has on the online poker sites listed above. If you really think about it, an $11 poker tournament would only cost you $1 in insurance to avoid missing the money completely. This could be something that many consistent online poker players could potentially use, because it will help preserve your bankroll if you are a constant online tournament player. One thing that will be important for players to remember about Bubble Protection is that you should still play tight and attempt to make that deep run into the cash. This could potentially be a down side of the Bubble Protection, as some players may loosen up their play, knowing that they already have made their money back.




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