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  • Cake Poker $52,000 Jackpot won by Jotun665

    Monday, January 4th, 2010 by t2admin

Cake Poker hosted their Gold Card Jackpot in 2009 and the last series of Gold Cards for 2009 were dealt recently and the winner of the big jackpot was online player Jotun665. The winner earned a nice jackpot prize of $52,000.

From San Diego, California, Jotun665 was a regular at the cash game tables and was a regular winner of the Gold Card Race, which takes place weekly. Jotun665 was able to earn the most complete deck of Gold Cards at Cake Poker, which helped him win the $52,000.

In a recent Cake Poker blog, Jotun665 was asked about his poker skills as well as his experiences at Cake Poker. The poker player told Cake Poker in the interview that he was going to use his new found winnings to take a vacation to Europe and remodel half of his house.

Jotun665 has been playing at Cake Poker since 2006 but exclusively since 2007. In the interview the player was asked what his biggest win was and it was around $1,200 a far cry from the $52,000 that he won during the Gold Card Jackpot. But once in a cash game the player said he won a $21,000 pot at the $25/50 tables at Cake Poker.

So overall Cake Poker has been a great place for Jotun665 to play over the years and now he has earned a nice large prize to show for his hard work. Gold Cards are back for 2010 and currently players can earn them faster as they are going to show up twice as often for the next few days. Players have until the 9th to participate in Gold Card tournaments which will offer over $100,000 in prize money totals. I’m sure Jotun665 will be competing as well as thousands more, trying to see who will earn the most cards for 2010.




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