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    Friday, August 9th, 2013 by Ryan

In the online poker world, if there is one site currently that United States based poker players probably know well, then I’d have to say that it’s Cake Poker. Or at least that’s what they were formally known as. What I mean by this is that the seven year old online poker site, that has made a solid rise throughout the years and has drawn in some pretty good traffic has decided to go ahead and make a name change and re-brand themselves. The change isn’t anything massive, but it is enough to catch your attention, as they have now gone from Cake Poker to Win Cake. As far as why the decision was made? Well, we aren’t exactly sure but it likely has something to do with marketing the site itself as an all-around gambling option, and hopefully being able to draw in additional casino players as well.

When you head to the new Win Cake, you are going to see a bit of a different look overall, and it’s one that is definitely appealing to players. The reason for this is because when you first get to the site players are going to see a few different promotional messages from the site. The headline window is going to have an ad that will be focused around the new player bonus that you can take advantage of if you don’t have an account already, and it relates to poker first, but then you can scroll down to the casino, jackpot, and other games promotions that Win Cake will be offering. From there, the site makes sure to point out to players that Cake now offers you not only online poker, but also casino, jackpot and casino games as well, and you’ll get a full list on the main page of the site itself.

As far as the poker goes though, many people are curious about if there is going to be any type of change. You’ll see that there isn’t much of a difference though, as the site still does not accept United States players (what we meant above is that they were one of the last to stop accepting United States players), and any American players who played at Cake Poker were moved over to Juicy Stakes Poker. Juicy Stakes is just another skin on the Revolution Gaming Network though, so they picked up a good chunk of players in the move.

Cake Poker was one of the sites that was created during the online poker boom that came out back in 2006, and they did things a bit differently than many other online poker sites did. Their advertising was drawn out to get the interest of players, and it was considered to be a player friendly site as well. Their big selling point to the players was their Gold Cards, which came up randomly at tables, and really depending on the rake at the table, but the Gold Cards could be redeemed for cash prizes once you earned them. This also directly related to the loyalty program, as you could earn Gold Chips for getting Frequent Player Points as well. You could then take these chips to the Cake Store to buy things, including entries into special tournaments.

While the site was doing pretty well, it took a hit back in 2010 when the two largest poker rooms on the network in PlayersOnly and Sportsbook.com left to go to the Merge Gaming Network. This was a big move, and one that took a network that was typically in the top ten, and sent them down the rankings. When Lock Poker left Merge last summer, they decided to purchase the Cake Network and rename it the Revolution Gaming Network, which is where we stand today.

The name change obviously isn’t massive, but it is pointing out the fact that Win Cake is looking to draw in traffic from many different directions. This could be a sign of a tough turn for the site, or it could also just be a new marketing tactic that they are looking to use in order to help their site and traffic grow all around. I’m interested to see how this helps out their traffic, and also if it gets more players into the casino games and everything else that the site has to offer.




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