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    Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 by Ryan

Cake Poker is one of the most popular online poker sites for United States based players, and they’ve also picked up steam in terms of popularity across the World as of late. Cake Poker is known for their nice looking software, their easy to use site, nice color scheme, and solid freerolls as well. One thing that they were also known for up until this point, was for being an online poker site that did not allow players to use hand tracking software while playing at their online poker tables. They had stayed away from this for years, and it was announced that they had a new policy on November 9th which will allow players to use the software immediately. Players began using this software instantly, and it will be interesting to see what kind of jump it gives their all around numbers in terms of traffic.

The idea behind this Hand Tracking Software is that it allows players to collect data on hands that are played with every single player that they play with, and then go back and watch how hands played out and what the players had as well. It includes everything from the hole cards (which were shown by the poker site itself), bet sizing, community cards, chip stacks, and the results of the hand as well. Players then have the chance to improve how they play and attempt to better their game moving forward. The most popular types of software out there are programs like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager, which you can normally try for free before purchasing the actual software. On top of that, players can also see how their hands played out and how much money they have won/lost throughout the day as well. It also takes into account “bad beats”, and tells you how much you would be at if you had won every hand that you were ahead when it went to showdown.

The HUD is where a large amount of the issues have come from. The HUD, or Heads Up Display, actually allows players to see things like their opponents’ pre-flop raise percentages, and their aggression factor. This information is shown next to a players names, and some feel that it gives an “unfair advantage”, although it is available to every player who wants to use it. Of course the argument has two sides to it, as many players feel that since this is available to everyone, that there is no reason to not allow it. Other online players who play more on a recreational basis, feel that it gives poker pros an additional advantage.

Cake Poker was with the recreational players to start off with, as they were hoping to get more players who were “casual” in comparison to professional poker players. They have made the decision to make the change though, and now allow trackers, as long as the players get the information by playing at their own tables. In a bit more interesting news from Cake, they do allow players to change their screen names every seven days if they choose to, and this in turn would allow a player to avoid being tracked by any opponents. So in the end, you’ll find that it really benefits both players, as it allows players who want to us a tracker to do so, and also allows players to avoid being tracked!




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