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  • Cake Poker Working to Stop Short Stackers

    Monday, March 29th, 2010 by t2admin

Short Stackers are not a welcome sight at online poker rooms. These players can mess up the flow of the game making players who are good at the game at a disadvantage to make the sophisticated moves they have come to know.

Short stackers usually skip the normal 100 big blinds and buy-in for just 20 big blinds. They are looking for a quick way to double up before quitting the game. In the poker world this is known as rat-holing and is not appreciated.

Short stackers wait for the best hands before they will go all in on the pre or post flop and this will reduce the game play at the poker table. The quality of the game is disrupted and the pot sizes diminish as well as the players at the table’s enjoyment.

Even though it is not appreciated, the practice of short stacking has been increasing at online poker rooms as players have the opportunity to do so without people knowing their true identity. This practice would not be tolerated at live games.

Since rat-holing has become common place at online poker rooms, many operators are taking steps to rectify the situation. Full Tilt Poker was one of the first to do so by raising the minimum buy-in at their no limit tables from 20 big blinds to 35 big blinds. Now Cake Poker has followed Full Tilt’s move and raised their minimum buy-in to 30 big blinds. This will take effect on April 8th.
Cake Poker made the announcement and Lee Jones the card room manager for Cake Poker released a statement on the subject. Jones stated: “We do, however, understand that many people prefer to play shorter stacks simply because it reduces their exposure to one very good second-best hand costing them a large amount of money. Also, many cash game novices prefer to play with shorter stacks while getting their feet wet in cash game play; it’s definitely a different environment than tournaments.”

“Therefore, in our smaller games, we will offer “shallow” tables, which will have a buy-in range of 20-50 big blinds. Those games will be a great training ground for the newbie’s and a place where the short-stack specialists can practice their craft. We will, of course, continue to offer 30-100 big-blind buy-in games at those stakes as well.”

Other poker rooms are sure to follow suit, changing their big blind buy-ins so players will have to commit more and not be able to participate in rat-holing or be a short stacker.




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