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  • California Organization Launches Free Online Poker Room

    Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 by Ryan

It seems like the United States just refuses to give up on playing the game they love in some way or another. After Black Friday when the three largest online poker rooms in the United States were no longer allowed to accept US players; it seemed that it would spell the end for online poker in the country, at least for a while. But while gambling with real money is considered illegal in the US, many online poker sites have found ways to attempt to still allow players to play within the law. Jamie Gold created his own free online poker room, and there have been reports of many more coming out of the wood works. Recently though, there is one more that has come out, and it is called CalShark.com.

CalShark.com is similar to a few of the other sites that have been created, as it is a completely free to play online poker room for US players. The thing that really sticks out about this room above all else, is they fact that it is actually run by California brick and mortar card rooms, and also Native American tribes; instead of by the typical overseas gambling companies. It is actually the COPA, or the California Online Poker Association, which consists of 60 California card rooms including the Bicycle Club Casino, Hollywood Park Casino, Commerce Casino, and the Morongo Band of Mission Indians.

It is also interesting to note that the site is going to be powered by Playtech, which is widely considered as the best “up and coming” online poker operator, and the same operator that works with the popular iPoker network.

This site will offer both Texas Hold’em, and Omaha games, with players having the option of playing ring games, multi table tournaments, and also sit-n-go’s, just like a normal online poker room. The only difference here is that you can not deposit any money, and can never play with real money. CalShark.com is also going to offer players a no download Flash version of their software to make players’ lives a bit easier.

Players will be ranked though, and will earn points based on their play, in hopes of keeping people engaged on the site and giving a different atmosphere. Players get points for winning hands, and also by the size of the pot that they actually end up winning. Simply taking down an pot will earn you the most points that you can get, but players will also earn points for getting to showdown, and even a few points here and there for just folding their hand! These points that are given will give players the chances to play in specific tournaments that only players who have earned a certain number of points can buy in to.

Players must have chips to play with, and once you are low on chips, there are a few ways to earn more to play with. You have the option to buy chips with game cards that can be purchased at local retailers, you can also complete specific achievements that will earn you chips to play with, or you can even simply invite friends to play on the site with you to earn some chips as well. While CalShark.com was created in California, they still allow players all around the world, so you can be matched up against players from anywhere.




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